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Why Tea Tox, Hair Burst & Coco White Aren't Neccessary //

Beauty Budget Wednesdays are going to be about spending less money on beauty products, so tighten your belts! I'll be posting up bargains of the century, showing you high end - high street comparisons. Helping you to make your own products from ingredients you will already own. Helping you save the lives of those broken powders, shadows and bronzers, and more importantly helping you save money and sharing tips on how to shop with a budget and tell yourself 'no.' 

Beauty is something we all have, without cosmetics and skin care products, but those labels, advertisements and gorgeous celebrities that we adore put brand names on our lips. Hair Burst, Coco White and Tea-Toxes are all the hype at the moment. I've had a gander at reviews but told myself no because, my product buying obsessions have taken over my bathroom and bedroom and its that bad now that my shoe obsession has been kicked out the closet. Today I've finally thrown away the products that don't work for me and shouted out loud 'You will not buy any more products until all the bottles are empty.' so, who's with me? The first step is just that simple, Give away, throw away or sell those products that you bought but didn't use, the products you've used a handful of times and those products you bought purely to review. 

Why am I doing this? A study showed that women will spend £18,000 on their face in a lifetime. £9,525,91 on make-up and £8,523,97 on skincare products. If this is correct then, it's insane. So Today, Let's look at those three hypes, Tea-Toxes, Hair burst and Coco white. 

First up - Tea Tox 

Now these things are a massive trend at the moment. I say - Waste of money, why? Well, we've heard of juicing and now tea toxes, I find it ridiculous reason 1) Liquids are not enough to carry us humans, it's all about a balanced diet;
  • Three meals a day
  • Smaller Portions
  • Drinking the recommended daily water consumption
  • Try to be active for 30 Minutes a day 
  • Cut down on sugar, eat more fibre, protein, grains and few dairy.

I've always been against food replacement drinks and weight loss tablets, It's a load of baloney! You have to listen to your body. Tip - Most of the time, we're not hungry, we're just thirsty but our systems gets confused. Sticking to a balanced diet will help keep the weight down and you'll feel fantastic, but if you do like tea then; Tip 2 - Mix a normal tea bag with a green tea bag, I've done this in the past and I lost weight without having to pay through the nose for so called Tea-Toxes. 

Secondly - Hair Burst

I've been trying to grow my hair for years and it pee's me off so bad when I see celebrities who always wear exstentions promoting hair burst. I take Vitamins myself, but all they do is help my hair grow healthier, they don't make my hair touch my bottom or feel thicker. the thing is nothing can! Your hair grows 0.5" per month but can be slowed down to 0.25" or even as little as 0.1" depending on how well you look after your hair. 

I've tried everything to make my hair grow and the fact is, 'The only thing that will work is, washing your hair properly, staying away from hair dyes and heat and having a hair cut every 6-8 weeks.' It's like losing weight. It doesn't happen over night, It's a long process. 

My hair routine

  • I wash my hair 3x a week. 1 of which is a deep conditioning treatment left in over night.
  • To maintain my colour I use Touch Of Silver as a toner and shampoo £2.09 body care (or colour effects shampoo £1.49 Superdrug, Andrew Barton brilliant blondes 2 for £6 Asda.) I use these so I don't have to dye my hair frequently. 
  • Every month I have a no heat week , I'll wear my hair in a pony or bun.
  • I use a heat protection serum from OSMO because sprays don't cover the whole of my hair.
  • I use vitamins, multi vitamins - I don't expect to have butt long hair that feels fuller. 

 Finally, Coco White 

Another thing that pees me off. I've tried at home whitening kits and toothpastes since high school and the only ones that work for me are Oral B 3D white and Blanx white shock. Come on, nobody has a sparkling smile with white teeth that blind you. it's Photoshop most of the time. look after your teeth and keep them clean, that's all you need for a beautiful smile. 

If you have bought or have been thinking of buying any of these, I hope my tips have helped you to do things more naturally and not waste your money on such palarva. Thank you for reading - If you're joining in then '#' your bargains to #BBW on Instagram and twitter. 

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