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Beauty Budget Wednesday #3

It's not just about what we put on our skin, it's about what we put inside our systems and also, what we do in order to look and feel good. In the last two beauty budget posts I've focused on make-up, detoxes, teeth whitening and hair vitamins. Today I was going to take part in the £10 face challenge however, I've decided I'm going to show you how to eat more healthily without paying out of the nose for organic produce, fitness equipment and protein shakes/dieting aids. Here are my top tips for saving money when it comes to health and fitness; 

  • Go shopping around 6pm when most supermarkets reduce all their fresh goods.
  • Check online how much your shopping will come to and take that exact amount of money with you so you don't buy unnecessary things.
  • Always use points/vouchers off receipts, vouchers and groupon.
  • never shop when you're hungry.
  • grow your own veg and fruit, its not rocket science and its not too expensive either.
  •  shop at farmers markets for eggs, milk and vegetables (If your not growing your own)
  • plan your meals and only buy what you need for that week. 
  • check prices of food on the supermarket comparison site and see where's cheaper to shop.


  • No need for equipment, follow workouts on youtube, it's free and easy.
  • If you have an Xbox one, download the Xbox fitness app, its jam packed full of workouts and it's totally free and brilliant for saving on monthly gym memberships.
  • make your own protein shakes rather than spending lots of money on tubs.
  • buy all of your slimming aids/vitamins when they're on 3 for £10 in supermarkets or 3 for 2 in boots. you'll save a ton when you buy in bulk.
  • Make your own smoothies and juices with a blender, you don't need an expensive juicer, just buy a standard blender for shakes and smoothies, and for juicing, blend as normal but pour through a sieve into a glass, it collects the pulp and leaves you a beautiful juice. 

So there you have it, 13 tips to save you money when it comes to food shopping and fitness. I hope this helped. Thanks for reading. love,


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