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Hair Care Hero's - OSMO

I really enjoyed last night's #bbloggers chat, mainly because I could get involved a lot more and it was nice to have a 'hair care' topic for a change, rather than blog tips, photography and make-up topics. A lot of you were interested in heat serums and were wondering what 'Osmo' was, so today's post is exactly that. Thank you to all that got into conversation with me last night about these products, I love them and I know you will too, so let's have a look at why they are hair care hero's;

Blinding Shine Serum

I've been using Osmo products for a long time now, I purchased both of the above from my hairdressers. I paid £5.00 for the hair mask and £10.95 for the shine serum, Little pricey but so worth it! You won't find it anywhere unless you shop in warehouses, ask at your hairdressers or shop it online. The thing I love about the binding shine serum is everything, here's what it does;

see, It has a lot of benefits for a little bottle. My hair is healthier than ever since using this serum. I have thick frizzy hair but since using this, my hair dry's straight and smooth and is really soft and healthy looking after I'm done styling. if you're one of those people who has uncontrollable hair like me, and you've tried everything in the book to get it to do as it's told then please think about giving this a try. My straightening balms have gone out the window since using this, No more wasting money on products that simply don't work. If you are interested in buying this product then you can get it for £6.34 here. (bargain.) 

"Remember; Heat Spray's Only target where you spritz. Heat serums cover your head root to tip!"

Intensive Deep Repair Mask

The best deep conditioner I have ever used! It's an intensive hydrating hair treatment mask that restore's moisture balance. (As good as a Thai conditioning treatment, If you've ever paid for one of those.) It has three brilliant ingredients, Jojoba, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, which all work by adding shine, smoothing the cuticle, taming frizz and improving health to the scalp, and it also soothes hair while controlling excess sebum production. Plus - it isn't a heavy product, For the people who can't stand having thick products in their hair, This is the perfect consistency and there's many ways to apply; 

1)  Rub onto dry hair and leave for 5 - 7 minutes, then rinse out 
2) Apply to wet or towel dried hair and leave on for 10 - 15 minutes before rinsing
3) Apply to either wet or dry hair and leave on over night, (I do this every Tuesday night) 

another good point is that, heat intensifies it, so put a towel or bag around your head to lock the heat in, or on a low but warm setting, blow dry it into your hair. If you're interested in buying this, you can get it on sale from life and looks for £1.25.


  1. These products sound so good! I will definitely look into getting these. Thanks for letting me know about this post :) xxx

    1. No problem chick! They really are the bees knees! x

  2. Replies
    1. I wouldn't use them if I didn't think they were fantastic! Hope the info helped! :) x


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