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Restore and Repair Hair

Are you suffering world war three with your hair? I've been there, I have very thick, natural curly hair that I didn't really look after in my teens. Bleach after Bleach being wacked on my hair and wearing glue in exstentions left me with short hair and baldness, But after a couple of years of trying to grow my hair, I've researched ways to help my hair grow faster, Looked at natural remedies and taken a look at what chemicals are in the products that we use. The good and the bad. So to save you the hassle of all that research I've made a simple list of things to do, to get healthy hair to restore and repair you back to those luxurious silky locks. When I say simple, they really are simple tips, but they work. I should of always listened to my mum, because she's always right and sometimes looking after your hair the way they did years ago is a lot healthier for us. So here's my tips and the products I use;

Get Your Mop Chopped

You need to get your hair cut between 6-8 weeks. Products that say they stop split ends actually don't, They only make them look healthier. In order to stop your hair splitting and eventually snapping you need to get them chopped off. Your hair will thank you for it. It will help your hair grow longer, healthier and feel lighter on your head also. No need to bob off your long locks, just a trim every now and then will do the trick. 

STOP Killing Your Hair

(There's a reason It's called Hair DYE, minus the Y add an I, yep. you're murdering your hair.)

No matter how hard it is, Pick a colour and stick to it. I know it's hard with all the different trends that are going around but there are definitely healthier alternatives than dying your hair, There's chalks, chalk sprays, hair dye you can make at home, food colouring even. Be kind to your hair and don't burn it to sinders. If you're happy with your hair colour but it goes dull after so many weeks, then use shampoo and conditioner for your hair colour, Like Andrew Barton's brilliant blonde/brunette/red ect.. they really do keep your hair well nourished and your colour vibrant! 


Hair dryers are cool, straighteners and curlers not so much. It doesn't hurt to straighten your hair or curl it even from time to time, but clamping them over your hair every day or even sometimes twice a day is really bad for you, no matter how much heat protection you use. I highly advise for you to dry your hair in the style you want it - that way, if you have any straightening to do, you're only straightening around 30% of your hair rather than a gruelling 100%. Or even aim to dry it straight without using straighteners, and to curl your hair, just blow dry and apply sea salt spray for gorgeous natural waves without the damage. 

Extra Tip - Little challenge for you - I try to have a 'No Heat Week' once a month. See if you can do it too. I promise your hair will love you for it. 

Wash What Your Doing!

Wash your hair with products that suit you. Look at the labels and make sure as the ingredients are all friendly. Make sure to rinse your hair for a good 4 minutes and towel dry hair to take some of the hard work off the hair dryer. (by towel dry, I mean squeeze and pat, not rub!) For extra help, spray a leave in conditioner through your hair, and don't forget heat defence serum, not sprays!
Serums cover your hair, Sprays don't. They won't protect your hair up to 100% like a serum will.

Vitamins Are Vital!


Weather you take some capsules or chewable's or get them through healthy eating, Vitamins are needed! What's good for the inside is always good for the outside. Not only will your skin be better and your nails but your hair will reap the benefits too! I use bassets Health Balance Chewable's + I eat healthily. Those, vitamins, fruits, veggies and seeds are vital. (Remember what Your Mum told you, Eat your veggies.. it all makes sense when we're older.) 

A Recipe To Please

2 egg yolks
1 tbl spoon honey
1/2 avacado
2 tbl spoon olive oil
1/4 lemon 

Blend together and apply to hair. Leave on for as long as you like.
Rinse out. (Do this once or twice a week and see the difference.) 

Products I use

Charles Worthington Finishing spray = It gives a nice soft touch to my hair, Stops fly away hairs and leaves my hair smelling like a bunch of fresh flowers. 

Coconut Milk = Containing Coconut and Egg Whites with a bunch of other stuff, this heat defence/leave in conditioner, is amazing for styling hair with, It puts silk and shine back into your hair. I'm crazy in love with this product, and it's apart of a 3 for 2 in boots at the moment.

Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner = Showering with these is like a Caribbean paradise, They make my hair smell divine, leave my hair soft, tangle free and well nourished and silky £7.99 each but well worth it and apart of 3 for 2 in boots also. 

Pure Coconut Leave In Conditioner - For when I don't have time to deep condition my hair, I use this leave in spray on my hair after I've washed. 

Coconut Oil - You're probably wondering why I have lots of coconut products it's because oils, waters and milks are all different. (I'll explain in another post.) However, this coconut oil, I use as a leave in conditioner or hair styler to protect me from the sun. 

Andrew Barton S.O.S leave in conditioner - I am a big fan of Andrew Barton, I love all of his sprays and shampoos. I use this from time to time (its smells amazing!) and also use, heat defence and volume spritz from his range also. 

Osmo Intensive Repair Hair Mask -  Review here

V05 Hot Oils - If you have recently died your hair or had a lot of parties where you've been curling and straightening your hair a great deal, then I highly recommend you use a hot oil, it doesn't have to be V05, other brands do them but V05 is the only one I've used and will use. 

Osmo Blinding Shine Serum - Review Here

Colour Effects By Superdrug - When your hair is going brassy or yellowish, Use this! It adds beautiful tones of ash into your hair, or even use it to lighten up your hair. It's better than using hair dye and they do also have brown shades and reds too, I've only ever used the blondes but I'm sure the others are just as fabulous. 

Touch Of Silver - You're probably wondering why I use so many shampoo and conditioners, Well, This is a shampoo but I use it as a toner. Rub onto dry hair and leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. Brassiness - GONE! Although, I do use touch of silvers shampoo and conditioner when my hair seems to be going dull. Best products for blonde hair, period! 

Andrew Barton Ultimate Blonde - Shampoo and conditioner again! I do like a swap and a change from time to time. These brighten my blonde and leave my hair smelling as fresh as a daisy! 

Although it's not in the picture, I use Tony and Guy sea salt spray - It's perfect for styling your hair without the heat and gives you beautiful natural looking waves. It's not a stiff product, there's no hardness to your hair like mouses and hairspray's leave, and it's easy to brush out. In fact - It's such a light product that you don't even believe you have product in your hair. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps! 
If you're curious about anything feel free to ask me on twitter @simplyamylouise

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