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Get Social Media Smart //

Blogging can be very time consuming, It's not just the content, it's picture editing, template designing, photography and most importantly - social media! However, It is very difficult to live a life on the internet, there has to be a cut off point. It's impossible to sit all day tweeting and sending updates when there's family to look after, social activities to take part in and jobs to go to. Maybe there's an easier solution... Here's some tools that may just make your blogging life a lot easier; 

Social Media Management 

There are a ton of apps out there that allow you to manage all of your social media in one place. Say goodbye to all the opening and closing of apps and the copying and pasting of updates and of course the single photo sharing of Instagram! Search on your iphone or android for any of these apps, have a play around with them and see which one you like best, I'm using hootsuite at the moment, its brill. 

  • Hootsuite 
  • Seesmic
  • Social Media Platform
  • Konnect Social
you could also create an account on IFTTT it connects all your apps together and every time you post to Instagram, it posts it everywhere else too! Save sharing them one by one! It's the perfect little tool for posting images in one click of a finger! 

Narrow It Down!

It's totally impossible to run hundreds of different social media sites, even with a social media manager app. It's really about finding where the most traffic comes from. For me, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram gain me the most traffic so I stick to using those. Narrow it down, take away some of the stress and some of the pointless posting, What isn't working for you... deactivate! 

Grab a social media smart pack for £2.49

I've made this fresh today to make it even more easier to control social media. The pack includes, Followers tracker, Twitter hashtag events log, Useful websites (or favourite blog) list, Hashtags that gain traffic and a password keeper - take away some of the stress and store everything. Nice and organised. The pack is just £2.49 and you can find it on my Etsy store here. or search 'bitsandblogs' on Etsy. Plus - My blog planners have been dropped to just £3.99! Spend over £8 and receive a 10% off voucher!  For other blog organising posts click! 


4 Herbal Tea's You Need!

I've been drinking herbal tea now for a while and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, weight and sleeping routine. Of course a healthy balanced diet helps too but these tea's really are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help fight illness and keep us younger, smarter and healthier! 

Green Tea - Weather you are a tea drinker or not so much, Green tea should be had at least once a day, if not more! If you suffer from allergies then the poly phenol in this tea will help to combat your pollen allergies. Green Tea also boosts eye sight, lowers cholesterol, promotes healthy teeth and gums, warns off oral cancer and acts as UV protection too. - super beneficial - A definite must have this summer. 

Lemon and Ginger Tea - When we have an energy slump or can't quite get ourselves motivated then it's time to have a lemon and ginger tea, This tea is proven to give us an energy boost and helps to keep us going through-out the day. You should have at least 3 lemon and ginger teas a day. Not only does it help us keep active through-out the day but it also provides these handy benefits; 

  • Boosts the immune system 
  • Brings instant relief from nausea and indigestion 
  •  Lowers the effects of diabetes 
  • it promotes perfect skin and great hair
  • it is the apt drink for weight loss

Berry Tea - A sweet treat for when you fancy some chocolate, sweets or other sugar infused snacks, this tea will feed your sugar picking habits but also it is amazing for slowing down ageing, keeping the heart healthy, detoxifying the body, reducing inflammation and it even fights against cancer - with a lot more benefits that the other 3 tea's give you. Berry Tea is a super super tea! 

Camomile Tea - The perfect bed time tea, camomile helps insomnia and relieves a stressed mind. Drinking this before bed helps to eliminate nightmares and restless sleep. 1 cup of steaming camomile is all you need to wake up feeling refreshed. It also comes hand in hand with melancholy and worry, Camomile helps to de-stress the body and can help to ease anxieties and even depression. If you rule a busy life and have a lot of stress or find that you are a stressy person in general (like myself) then having camomile at least once a day will help to give you the nights sleep you deserve and keep you at peace through-out the day from worry. 

Of course there are other ways of reaping these benefits but many of those other ways include harsh chemicals or our time and energy. Relaxing with a tea doesn't take too much effort and it's the perfect way to enjoy a nice drink with some much loved TV or the newspaper.  You don't have to pamper in products, or visit a gym to de-stress or feel beautiful - These tea's do it for you. 

Just remember to drink them out of a closed lid cup - They may make your room smell nice but you won't reap all of the benefits if you let it stand.


What Are Blogger Cards?

You shouldn't have to own a big corporation to be professional, Business cards or 'blog cards' as I like to call them are a great way of getting your blog noticed. Okay, you haven't got to pin them in your local supermarkets (but it could still get traffic.) They're more for making blogging events easier. It's mind baffling when you've met so many wonderful people who are into the same things as you and you can't remember their name or blog address, or your battery dies on your phone and you can't access Twitter, Instagram ect.. to find and follow them on the spot. Forget the snippets of paper and the diaries and those hand written reminders, get professional and  either buy or create your very own blog cards. You'll never be forgotten when you're sitting in someone's handbag or purse! 

Benefits Of Blogging Cards

1. They come in handy at events, meetings and classes.

2.When you go on holiday or travel the country you can leave them in beauty shops or home decor shops (Whatever your blog is concentrated on, leave your card in a shop that's the same, Like if you write food recipes, leave your card in supermarkets,cafe's and restaurants/takeaways.)

  Tip - If they say you can't advertise there, tell them you'll advertise for them and write a review on their shop! - what helps them, helps you.

3. Brilliant for making a contact book, Instead of writing down all the details, just staple other bloggers cards into your books.

4. They say more about your attitude to work. Professionalism is a great trait to have. 

We all know how stressful it is running a blog, make life easier for yourself and let cards gain you some readers, followers and future guest writers maybe? I've been working hard on my Etsy store and I've added a pack of customized blogging cards, 50 in a pack that you can keep printing for just £6.99! All graphic designs are 100% quality and will be completely original! I'll never sell the same design twice. Made from scratch and personalised to your satisfaction. 
Who are these cards for? Anyone with a blog, website, business or etsy shop!
Visit my store for more information, search 'bitsandblogs' on etsy or click on my shop (on the right!)


Guest Post Collaboration - Life With Rossye

Life with Rossye Inspired me, her blog is so honest and positive and full of fun inspirational projects and quotes. We teamed up together and had a good think about what sort of post to do and in the end we thought we would go with a simple discussion about positivity. You can check out Rossye's blog here. 

What foods make you feel good? All of my life I would eat every type of food. They made me happy and feel good. Of course I love chocolate, but after years of eating the wrong foods, I concluded that I wasn't feeling so good, I couldn't sleep well. So now I'm making changes. I feel really good in myself at the moment because I'm eating more fruits and vegetables, they don't make me feel bloated, so I feel more energetic.

I'm totally with you on that one, I had a very unhealthy lifestyle too. This year my eyes were opened by Madeleine Shaw and Ella Woodward, I eat nothing but seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, homemade juices and smoothies, meat and plants. I've never felt better! Camomile, lemon & ginger tea have also helped me sleep better and feel happier and healthier in my skin. 

Why did you start your blog? I was looking for a place where I can speak without fear and talk about the changes in my life that I'm making. I started my blog 'Life With Rossye.' Once I started Writing, I felt better. My life was changing and I had an outlet for things that were worrying me or for things that were making me happy.

I get that feeling exactly! Weather you write in a diary/journal or run a blog, the fact of getting your thoughts and stresses out onto paper really does half them. Writing is a brilliant outlet. I mean, Look at those singers who have written from the heart, Poets, Authors and Movie Script writers - It all comes down to writing. Without it the world would be empty. 

 Is being positive crucial? Yes, I think so, as soon as I started writing I was smiling more and I felt positive and all of a sudden I had dreams, I didn't become a blogger just to write, I became a blogger to find myself, to explore and that in itself changed my life. When I'm not blogging and I become worried or stressed, the best way for me is to stand with my eyes closed and feel the positivity surround me, It's like an energy wrapping itself around me, After that I smile and show the world the biggest smile I can muster. I also find that dancing and singing is a great way to feel the positive energy as well. 

I think so too. If you keep being negative in your life it's only going to stay negative. Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity - fact. Some 'Me' time every once in a while is needed. Everyone needs at least an hour on their own, with a book, movie or pampering or whatever.

What are your three favourite quotes?  As a positive person like me I can't choose 3, but these I say to myself every day - 
  • "She believed, she could, so she did"
  • " There are no problems, only opportunities "
  • " Think happy, be happy "

Those are very inspirational, If it was me I'd have to chose
  • "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"
  • "A smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear"
  • "Don't look back, unless it's too see how far you've come" 

What do you think about today's society with the pressure to look a certain way and have a perfect life?  It's all about others' opinions. You either chose to listen or go your own way. You have to be yourself. Although people try to impose their opinion, you're the one who must decide whether to agree. Keeping a better life, It's not easy, but to live your dream life you have to fight to achieve it. Find happiness, love, good in people, humanity, enjoy the little things, but always, be a perfectionist.

I couldn't agree more, society sucks! There's a line from a movie that always sticks in my head "Trying to stay real in a world that's so fake." It's so true! we're all just trying to survive it really! Aim low, get more! That's how I like to think. Sometimes the people who portray a 'perfect' life, are the unhappiest people. 

Thanks for reading, Love Amy & Rossye x


Getting Blog Organised

I know running a blog can be very overwhelming. We put a lot of hard work into our blogs, from photography to edits, to content and appearance. It can be very stressful but organising your blog will take a great deal of that stress away. 

I have a 'Big Blog Book Of Ideas' that I jot ideas down into and it really does help when I'm having a writers block kind of day, I have a weekly planner that I write down what I will write on each day, what time it will be posted ect.. It does help. I am an organised kind of personality. I'm always writing post-it notes and to-do lists and I'm a little OCD when it comes to organising my home too, It sounds a nightmare but it really helps to keep me peaceful. Just knowing that everything is being taken care of is a huge weight off my shoulders. 

I decided to make some blog planners for you guys. They're available in pink and purple at the moment on my Etsy Store 'Bitsandblogs.' But I will be making pastel yellow and blue too. I will also be offering mentorships, blog make-overs, graphic packs, headers ect, but I'll keep you posted on all of those on Twitter and Instagram. (If you're not following, social links are on the right!) 

The Planners

I've put everything you need into these packs, so you're one step ahead at all times. It's not just about them taking stress way, it's about being professional. If you're serious about blogging into a business, then you are going to have to be organised.  I'm currently working on a 'bloggers guide to blogging' E-book, which will also be available on my Etsy store. (I will let you know via Twitter & Instagram, When it's available.) So, for those of you who need help on setting up, gaining traffic and blogging into a business, I'll be there to help you. I'll also be offering 30 days of mentoring alongside the E-book, to help you become successful. I've been in this business for several years now and I understand how disheartened you can become when your blog ins't doing what you are telling it to do, or when you pour your heart out and get few views. I'll be here to make sure that your blog is booming with hits and comments. (so stay tuned for that,) On to the packs ----------> 

Available in pink and purple. (blue and yellow coming soon)

What's included in your pack? 

  • Weekly Planner - For jotting down what posts you'll be posting each week. (your always best to plan 10 posts ahead!) 
  • Blog Post Ideas Brainstorm - Okay, so it's not a big blog book of ideas, but the brainstorm in this package will be just as good. 
  • Scheduled Posts - It's easy to forget when your posts are going to be published, stay on top of your scheduled posts with the planner.
  • Post Planner -  Plan out exactly what your post will look like, fonts, size, pictures used, references, ect..
  • Guest Post Planner -  Keep a diary of people who have written for you, their contact details and dates of upcoming guest posts.
  • Giveaway Planner - Want a giveaway? Figure out why, what the prize will be - open, close and announcement dates. Super organised.
  • Competition Planner - Same as the giveaway planner but for competitions. Be organised. 
  • Income Goals - Had a blog sale? Do you sell products? Keep track of your costs and profits.
  • My Sales - If you own a blog shop or just want to track what your spending on your blog - use this section to do that. 
  • Weekly Stats Tracker - Keep on top of stats, work out whats bringing your traffic in easier! 
  • Monthly Stats Tracker - Easy to see what your best months are, see if your popularity is growing or falling - perfect for finding out where you need improvement and weather you need to improve or not. 
You can have all of this for just £4.99. You'll receive a PDF file straight away as soon as the payment has gone through. Then either use digitally or print out and use! It's that easy. I also accept Etsy gift vouchers! visit  Bitsandblogs or search 'bitsandblogs' on etsy. 


Amy's Adventures: Sky Coaster Video

Back in 2013 on the 5th June, Me, My Sister Kirsty and my Dad did the Sky Coaster at Blackpool. I've always wanted to do a skydive and thought I'd use this as practice. I was crapping myself to put it nicely. My life was in my sisters hands as she was the one who had to pull the chord. I remember saying to my dad "You do realise we could die, we could just plummet into the ground or the wire snap" and at that moment my sister pulled the chord, my heart was in my mouth! I thought the Rope had snapped. The way it throws you down and the feeling in my stomach was phenomenal. I felt light weight. It was like I was a feather in the sky. I don't think my dad felt like that though, I think he felt like a bird being hit by an aeroplane, both me and my sister had pitched his arms too death, hahaha. 

"Being chucked out of the sky
with nothing but a rope and some puffed up blanket bag as protection is the scariest thing I've ever done, And I've gone down the stairs on a dinner tray!" 

Lindsey Kelk is to blame, After I read her book 'The Single Girl's To-Do List' I made this bucket list of life goals and yes, sky dive was on there, Well, sort of a sky dive. I'm still yet to jump out of a plane. I will get around to it. I'm just biding my time, or saving it - one of the two. hahaha! 

If you happen to be in Blackpool, Do have a go if you have the stomach and braveness of Tarzan. 
I think it was £25 per person and you can have up to three at one time. I would definitely take someone up with you. People doing it alone are insane! It's the scariest thing you'll ever do, but also the best thing you'll ever do and that's a promise! 


June Favourites

This post is a little late but it's finally here. I've splurged on some wonderful treats and have been loving every single one! Here's my June Favourites;


The Hairy Bikers health grill - I got this beauty for £24.00 from B&M, and I have used it every day since I bought it. It adds delicious flavour to meat and vegetables and is the perfect accessory to accompany my new lifestyle. I've made some amazing creations with this grill and I am so pleased with the results of each meal I cook. As a fan of the hairy bikers and a fan of cooking, I am proud to have this sat on my worktop.

Breville Blend Active - I have also used this every day since I bought it. It makes, juices, smoothies, slushes, shakes, puree's, yoghurts and ice-cream. I've tried just about everything in this blender and I am completely 100% satisfied with it. It's one of the best things I have ever bought. I am proud to have it on my worktop also. I have lost almost 2 stone since I started Juicing, I couldn't of done it without this fine piece of machinery! I picked this up for £24.50 from Tesco. However they are now back to the £29.50 but they are so worth it.

Deliciously Ella Book - Cost me £9 from Tesco and I haven't regretted it. Most people are always in my ear saying ' Pinterest has the best health free recipes ' But, I'm old fashioned, I love books, technology isn't taking over everything. I refuse to let it. This book is full of beautiful healthy recipes that I love making, I've been 'health freak' all month and it's thanks to the recipes in this book that have opened my eyes to how unhealthy my life was before buying this book.

Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow Book - Okay, I discovered this amazing human before I stumbled across Ella Woodward. Madeleine somehow got me into Yoga and completely changed my life with her book. She's the reason I bought a Juicer and a health grill and why I only buy organic! As I said earlier, I've lost almost 2 stone, I would never have lost it if it wasn't for me buying this book. I got it for £10 from Tesco, Although I would of paid £100. It is worth every £.  Review here


Organix Coconut water collection -  My sister got me these babies as a thank you for sitting her house whilst she was on holiday and I am obsessed! I already own a dozen coconut products, everything from hair to skin, but these are something else. They smell amazing and leave my hair feeling well nourished and silky. I don't even have to straighten my hair anymore. These leave my hair frizz free and healthy to the touch.

Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit by Barry M - My sister also bought me this and I realise now why contouring is important. My skin is flawless with this palette and shapes my face up nicely. My features POP more than ever and I feel 1million dollars.

N07 Concealer - THE ONLY CONCEALER TO COVER IMPERFECTIONS COMPLETELY (That I've used.) Since using this, my make-up stays in place, looks flawless and more importantly, it covers pimples and dark circles like a concealer should. It's an amazing matt finish and leaves my skin flawless.


Beauty Budget Wednesday #4

This weeks budget post is about making money rather than saving it, but you can still save the money you make. We all have those clothes that we tell ourselves 'I'll get into them' or 'I'll grow into them' or 'They'll come back in season.' those t-shirts that are our favourite but are covered in stains, holes and frays. I know from reading this you have a few images in your head of those exact clothes. Well, I've decided to help you make money on those types of clothes. I have arguments with myself when it comes to having a closet clear out, but if they don't fit or you'll never wear them, then give,throw or sell.  


 1. So, first things first you need to empty your closet. (yes, EVERYTHING.) 
2. Sort your clothes into four piles 
- SELL; Items that are new or good condition that could make money.
- THROW: Anything with tears, frays, holes, stains ect..
- DONATE: Things you wouldn't mind giving away. 
- KEEP: The clothes you love, ready for the hangers.

If you need help with this, the diagram below may help OR get a friend who's honest to help you decide what's hot and what's not. 

3. Places to sell your clothes; 

Okay, everyone knows about Ebay by now - you could sell your clothes here. 
OR - Vinted, It's an app on the android store also on Iphone, where you can sell clothes, jewellery, shoes, accessories ect! It's five minutes to sign up, then you start uploading (I've made a fortune on here and highly recommend it) 

Plus - If you can't be done with the hassle of P&P and all the uploading there is another way to make a dime. search on google for 'Cash4Clothes' centres near you. They pay £5 a kilo. It's still something. 
Or, if you have sold lots on Vinted or Ebay but can't shift some things, take them to Cash4Clothes. 

It's as simple as that and if you're with the generation and watch movies on Netflix or NOWtv and listen to your jams on Spotify, then sell your CDS and DVD's to Music Magpie. 
- Scan
- Get Price
- Choose to deliver or collect
- get your money!