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4 Herbal Tea's You Need!

I've been drinking herbal tea now for a while and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, weight and sleeping routine. Of course a healthy balanced diet helps too but these tea's really are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help fight illness and keep us younger, smarter and healthier! 

Green Tea - Weather you are a tea drinker or not so much, Green tea should be had at least once a day, if not more! If you suffer from allergies then the poly phenol in this tea will help to combat your pollen allergies. Green Tea also boosts eye sight, lowers cholesterol, promotes healthy teeth and gums, warns off oral cancer and acts as UV protection too. - super beneficial - A definite must have this summer. 

Lemon and Ginger Tea - When we have an energy slump or can't quite get ourselves motivated then it's time to have a lemon and ginger tea, This tea is proven to give us an energy boost and helps to keep us going through-out the day. You should have at least 3 lemon and ginger teas a day. Not only does it help us keep active through-out the day but it also provides these handy benefits; 

  • Boosts the immune system 
  • Brings instant relief from nausea and indigestion 
  •  Lowers the effects of diabetes 
  • it promotes perfect skin and great hair
  • it is the apt drink for weight loss

Berry Tea - A sweet treat for when you fancy some chocolate, sweets or other sugar infused snacks, this tea will feed your sugar picking habits but also it is amazing for slowing down ageing, keeping the heart healthy, detoxifying the body, reducing inflammation and it even fights against cancer - with a lot more benefits that the other 3 tea's give you. Berry Tea is a super super tea! 

Camomile Tea - The perfect bed time tea, camomile helps insomnia and relieves a stressed mind. Drinking this before bed helps to eliminate nightmares and restless sleep. 1 cup of steaming camomile is all you need to wake up feeling refreshed. It also comes hand in hand with melancholy and worry, Camomile helps to de-stress the body and can help to ease anxieties and even depression. If you rule a busy life and have a lot of stress or find that you are a stressy person in general (like myself) then having camomile at least once a day will help to give you the nights sleep you deserve and keep you at peace through-out the day from worry. 

Of course there are other ways of reaping these benefits but many of those other ways include harsh chemicals or our time and energy. Relaxing with a tea doesn't take too much effort and it's the perfect way to enjoy a nice drink with some much loved TV or the newspaper.  You don't have to pamper in products, or visit a gym to de-stress or feel beautiful - These tea's do it for you. 

Just remember to drink them out of a closed lid cup - They may make your room smell nice but you won't reap all of the benefits if you let it stand.

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