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Beauty Budget Wednesday #4

This weeks budget post is about making money rather than saving it, but you can still save the money you make. We all have those clothes that we tell ourselves 'I'll get into them' or 'I'll grow into them' or 'They'll come back in season.' those t-shirts that are our favourite but are covered in stains, holes and frays. I know from reading this you have a few images in your head of those exact clothes. Well, I've decided to help you make money on those types of clothes. I have arguments with myself when it comes to having a closet clear out, but if they don't fit or you'll never wear them, then give,throw or sell.  


 1. So, first things first you need to empty your closet. (yes, EVERYTHING.) 
2. Sort your clothes into four piles 
- SELL; Items that are new or good condition that could make money.
- THROW: Anything with tears, frays, holes, stains ect..
- DONATE: Things you wouldn't mind giving away. 
- KEEP: The clothes you love, ready for the hangers.

If you need help with this, the diagram below may help OR get a friend who's honest to help you decide what's hot and what's not. 

3. Places to sell your clothes; 

Okay, everyone knows about Ebay by now - you could sell your clothes here. 
OR - Vinted, It's an app on the android store also on Iphone, where you can sell clothes, jewellery, shoes, accessories ect! It's five minutes to sign up, then you start uploading (I've made a fortune on here and highly recommend it) 

Plus - If you can't be done with the hassle of P&P and all the uploading there is another way to make a dime. search on google for 'Cash4Clothes' centres near you. They pay £5 a kilo. It's still something. 
Or, if you have sold lots on Vinted or Ebay but can't shift some things, take them to Cash4Clothes. 

It's as simple as that and if you're with the generation and watch movies on Netflix or NOWtv and listen to your jams on Spotify, then sell your CDS and DVD's to Music Magpie. 
- Scan
- Get Price
- Choose to deliver or collect
- get your money! 

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