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Guest Post Collaboration - Life With Rossye

Life with Rossye Inspired me, her blog is so honest and positive and full of fun inspirational projects and quotes. We teamed up together and had a good think about what sort of post to do and in the end we thought we would go with a simple discussion about positivity. You can check out Rossye's blog here. 

What foods make you feel good? All of my life I would eat every type of food. They made me happy and feel good. Of course I love chocolate, but after years of eating the wrong foods, I concluded that I wasn't feeling so good, I couldn't sleep well. So now I'm making changes. I feel really good in myself at the moment because I'm eating more fruits and vegetables, they don't make me feel bloated, so I feel more energetic.

I'm totally with you on that one, I had a very unhealthy lifestyle too. This year my eyes were opened by Madeleine Shaw and Ella Woodward, I eat nothing but seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, homemade juices and smoothies, meat and plants. I've never felt better! Camomile, lemon & ginger tea have also helped me sleep better and feel happier and healthier in my skin. 

Why did you start your blog? I was looking for a place where I can speak without fear and talk about the changes in my life that I'm making. I started my blog 'Life With Rossye.' Once I started Writing, I felt better. My life was changing and I had an outlet for things that were worrying me or for things that were making me happy.

I get that feeling exactly! Weather you write in a diary/journal or run a blog, the fact of getting your thoughts and stresses out onto paper really does half them. Writing is a brilliant outlet. I mean, Look at those singers who have written from the heart, Poets, Authors and Movie Script writers - It all comes down to writing. Without it the world would be empty. 

 Is being positive crucial? Yes, I think so, as soon as I started writing I was smiling more and I felt positive and all of a sudden I had dreams, I didn't become a blogger just to write, I became a blogger to find myself, to explore and that in itself changed my life. When I'm not blogging and I become worried or stressed, the best way for me is to stand with my eyes closed and feel the positivity surround me, It's like an energy wrapping itself around me, After that I smile and show the world the biggest smile I can muster. I also find that dancing and singing is a great way to feel the positive energy as well. 

I think so too. If you keep being negative in your life it's only going to stay negative. Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity - fact. Some 'Me' time every once in a while is needed. Everyone needs at least an hour on their own, with a book, movie or pampering or whatever.

What are your three favourite quotes?  As a positive person like me I can't choose 3, but these I say to myself every day - 
  • "She believed, she could, so she did"
  • " There are no problems, only opportunities "
  • " Think happy, be happy "

Those are very inspirational, If it was me I'd have to chose
  • "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"
  • "A smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear"
  • "Don't look back, unless it's too see how far you've come" 

What do you think about today's society with the pressure to look a certain way and have a perfect life?  It's all about others' opinions. You either chose to listen or go your own way. You have to be yourself. Although people try to impose their opinion, you're the one who must decide whether to agree. Keeping a better life, It's not easy, but to live your dream life you have to fight to achieve it. Find happiness, love, good in people, humanity, enjoy the little things, but always, be a perfectionist.

I couldn't agree more, society sucks! There's a line from a movie that always sticks in my head "Trying to stay real in a world that's so fake." It's so true! we're all just trying to survive it really! Aim low, get more! That's how I like to think. Sometimes the people who portray a 'perfect' life, are the unhappiest people. 

Thanks for reading, Love Amy & Rossye x


  1. Thank you so much for this amazing post! <3 I love it


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