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Back to school natural Make-up look//Guestpost

Hello everyone!

You may know me from my blog, A Sprinkle of Emily, and if you don’t then go and check out my blog at the end of this post! Today I am going to be sharing with you a natural make-up look that is perfect for the back to school season. I have made sure that this look is affordable, so all of the items mentioned are from the drug store :)

Rimmel Stay Matte primer (£5.99)

I like to prime my face before I apply make-up, as it helps keep foundation in place throughout the day. If you are wearing make-up for school it is especially important to prime your face as you may not have time to reapply or touch up make-up during the day. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte primer as it does keep your make-up on longer, and it acts almost like a glue for your foundation.

GOSH #Foundation Drops (£12.99)

£12.99 is a little pricey for a drug store foundation, but I think you should spend a little more on a foundation. I was sent the GOSH foundation drops and I really do love them. They offer a natural high coverage finish, and it is a super light formula. I'm not too crazy on the whole pipette thing, but I love this foundation as it gives a really nice dewy finish.

Rimmel Clear Complexion powder (£3.99)

When I use a dewy foundation I like to set my powder with the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder as it sets the foundation without making it matte. However, if I am using a matte foundation I will use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder alongside that. I always set my foundation using a Rimmel powder as they don’t cake up throughout the day like most powders do.

MUA blushers (£1.00 each)

I love the MUA blushers because they are an absolute bargain and they add a nice pop of colour to the cheeks. The cream blushers are £2.00, but I do prefer the powder formula ones which are only £1.00 each. These blushers last a long time and come in some really pretty shades. My favourite shades are Lolly and Cupcake.

Maybelline Master Sculpt contour duo (£6.99)

You don’t need to contour when you are going to school, but you can do a subtle contour if you really want to. I love the Maybelline Master Sculpt as it gives a really subtle contour look without it looking ‘muddy’.

Maybelline Colour Tattoos (£4.99 each)

I rave about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos all the time as they are AMAZING! You can wear them on their own or with shadows on top. They are super easy to blend and you can get them in a wide range of shades and finishes, including leather effect.

Rimmel Wonder’Full mascara (£7.99)

I try out so many mascaras, and it was really hard to choose a favourite, but I feel like the Rimmel Wonder’Full mascara gives a really nice natural look. It fives the lashes length and volume whilst still looking somewhat natural.

Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Pink Pearl (£6.99)

There are so many natural lipsticks out there, but my favourite drug store one has to be Pink Pearl from Maybelline. It is really moisturising and gives a nice sheen to the lips, so basically your lips but better!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading I would love to see you over on my blog;
Emily xo

7 ways to change your mood

What to do when your feeling a little down in the dumps and overwhelmed by life's daily tasks... well, you could try any of these;

1 - Music

Let the music play, sing as loud as you can, dance as crazy as you can and really feel the vibes of the feel good beats. Exercise is brilliant for releasing stress and tension and what better way to exercise than by having fun dancing!

2 - Work out

Like I said, Exercise is brilliant for relieving stress and tension, stretch it out, run it out, whatever your choice.. just get moving and feel the stress disappear.

3 - Read

Nothing quite like escaping into a good novel, grab a book and find somewhere quite to head on someone else's adventure, read, laugh and maybe even cry. Enjoy being in someone else's shoes for a while.

4 - Meditate

Sit in a quite room with candles and focus on your breathing, have some special "me" time, think about nothing but peace and tranquillity.

5 - Plan a to-do list (that isn't too overwhelming)

have things to do? but, not really motivated.. tackle each errand/task at a time.. write small to-do lists and feel the sense of achievement when you tick it off.

6 - Laugh until you cry

Watch YouTube video's of animals or clumsy people, listen to a podcast, watch a funny film or failing that - attempt to go down the stairs on a dinner tray - okay, maybe not! just laugh, even if you stand in the mirror making funny faces, or just force yourself to laugh - you'll end up laughing anyway! Laughter is the best medicine after all..

7 - change your environment

Cover your walls in memorabilia, photo's quotes and all things positive, create rooms with calming colours, dimmed lights and candles. 


Festival Inspired Make-up//GuestPost

The Wonderful Maria from decided to do a festival inspired make-up look for you beauties out there with festivals to attend but also for those who fancy being a little adventurous with you're make-up. I hope you enjoy it! - psttt... You can follow maria on instagram @dazzlemxo and twitter @dazzlemxo1 so go follow and enjoy her tweets and posts! :) x

Over To Maria....

Are you going to a festival and need some inspiration? Do you know what a “festival” is? At times I feel like everyone misunderstands the difference between a ‘rave’ and a ‘festival’. A ‘rave’ is any gathering of people centered around listening to and dancing to electronic music, as played by a set of live DJ's. A ‘festival’ is a music event, usually held outdoors and attended by thousands of music fans. Multiple artist’s play on usually multiple stages and on some occasions, these festivals last multiple days. In a festival everyone dresses super cute, literally. A lot of people usually dress ‘boho chic’ which is short for bohemian (use pinterest to see some outfits). Here I have created a festival inspired makeup look: which I would definitely wear if I were to go to one. Honestly, it is super easy to recreate!

"Before applying any make-up you have to properly moisturise, apply sunscreen and prime your face.  In order for your make-up to look really good throughout the day you need to get that base down."

Ardel lashes Demi Wispies

I love these lashes and I'm saying that even though it takes me forever to apply them. It just brings something more to the look; it sort of brings it together. For a festival make-up look I thought this would give it a more “out of the box look.”

Voluminous Curved brush mascara

The shape of this mascara wand is great because you really get great amazing volume.  This mascara is amazing as a base for lashes also to blend them afterwards!

The Nudes palette

This is such a pigmented palette and the quality is amazing. For a drug store product this is the best of the best. Below I have provided a picture tutorial on how I created this eye look with this palette.


The Finished Result

Chella brow highlighter

 Creamy! Instead of using another concealer I’ll just use this to “sculpt” out my brows and give them a more structured appearance.

NYX Finishing powder in banana

I use this to remove the MUFE powder that I use to bake with. It just brings a hint of color that sort of prevents the “white cast” from showing up in pictures.

NYX highlight and contour palette

This is an all in one palette, which is great. The dark shade I contour with and the yellow and light brown to ‘highlight’ more with.

NYC liquid liner

After you apply lashes you want to apply some liner to hide the band of the lashes. This product is affordable and of great quality for a drug store product. Something long lasting for this type of event.

Make Up For Ever setting powder

Perfect for setting make-up in place. Recently, I started baking my concealer with this. No I don’t see a white cast with flash. I remove the excess with NYX finishing powder (Banana).

NYX Dark circle concealer

Once I've moisturised and primed my face I apply this before foundation this makes a huge difference because the pigmentation and coverage is phenomenal.

Instant Age Rewind Eraser

Once my foundation has been applied I start to highlight with this as my first product. This is amazing to conceal and highlight.

NYX pencil in milk

The pigmentation in this pencil is amazing. It is so intense and you can also use it as a “primer” or base for your eye shadow.

Too Faced Born this way foundation

Apply a few (3) thin layers of the foundation. It is not cakey so this is perfect. After this make sure you set it (after applying all your liquid products of course.)

Elf blush kit

Add a hint of colour to the cheek.  I mixed the first shade and the last shade: very blend-able and build-able.

True match powder in cocoa

After you apply a cream contour set it in place with this. Amazing powder (technically it is a face powder.)

The Finished Look

Have you been to a festival? If so, which one? I'd love to know.
Thank you for reading doll, until next time!

Xoxo dazzlemxo

Thank you, Amy for letting write this guest post.



6 tips for successful relationships

Love is hard, we all know that. It can be good and it can also be a struggle. Relationships with friends, lovers and family they're all so very different but to have a success out of them, the same rules still apply. You may think this is a long shot and you may already know these tips but they are what work. Living by the old fashioned rules help, there's many older people I know who have been married for what seems hundreds of years, and that's because you never give up, You fight for what's right and you apologise for what's wrong and you have some form of understanding of each other. For a relationship to be successful you have to; 

Be Honest - Okay, we may all tell white lies from time to time when making up excuses for being late at work, or when you've forgotten to get in touch with a friend you said you'd call - This is different to those little petty excuses. Honesty is the main foundation of a relationship, Each time your honest, the more trust you gain. Never lie about anything, no matter how small or big it is, or how stupid or embarrassing it may be, never ever ever lie! Honesty is always the best policy! 

Be Trusting and Trustworthy - Without trust, there is nothing! Yeah, I said it but it's the truth. Without Truth there's no trust and that's why Honesty is one of the rules and why is trust one of the rules? Because if you don't trust your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend ect.. then something is definitely not right, If you don't trust them, things will only become complicated and who wants that on their Facebook profile? Tell the truth and have some trust. If you've been hurt in the past, don't think that your new partner/friend will do the same to you, you have to trust them 100% until they give you reason not to. Never take old problems into a new relationship, It will get very messy! so remember, trust, trust, trust and tell the truth, always! 

Communicate - You haven't got to speak 24 hours a day! what I mean by communicate is, if something is bothering you, let them know. Communication is key. If you keep things inside, 1 - you'll make yourself ill and 2 - They'll be worrying thinking they've done something wrong. Always tell each other the good stuff and the bad, If they can't handle you at your worst, do they deserve you at your best? Nope, So communicate, sometimes when two pair of eyes look at a problem, it makes it a lot easier. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or ask for help. You're a team after all. 

Compromise - So, Footballs on at the same time as your favourite soap, Be fair.. Football can't be watched at a later date they'll receive a text of the score and it will spoil all the fun! Watch your soap on catch up later on and let them watch the football. Or if your two friends are both having parties, compromise.. spend 1 hour at each party.. whatever the scenario, be fair and compromise, If they would do it for you, do it for them. Alls fair in love and war after all. (I never did understand that quote.) 

Interest - Okay, this one is kind of 'out there' but interest is just as important as being honest and trusting. There are things you and your friends or you and your lover will have in common and then there are things they like but you don't. Like, My boyfriend is football crazy - I mean crazy.. he supports one team.. but watches every game, even if his team aren't playing - me on the other hand is still figuring out what the hell the offside rule is all about. However, I love to have a good pamper and watch chick flicks - my boyfriend being male.. not so much, but he will still watch chick flicks with me and sometimes join in with a bit of pampering, so what's to say I can't show a little interest in things he likes, like football? - It kind of ties in with compromise, Showing interest and compromising is very beneficial. It shows you care, and they'll love you for it. Put them first sometimes, and they'll repay the favour. 

The Little Things - They may be little things, but they're kind of a big deal! No one wants to be smothered, but showing every now and then how much you love or care about someone is vital. Even if it's a nice text message, something you make like a CD of their favourite songs or a picture album full of your memories, or even a home cooked meal and little surprises you can plan for them, Letting them know that you love them and that they mean a great deal to you will give them a lift and make them feel special. The little things in life usually are the best. Put your thinking cap on and get planning! 


Why fashion isn't my strongest suit

sea, person, woman
I was never the girl at school with the hottest handbag and the latest hair-do. I was the girl who wore no make-up and a plaited tail. Fashion didn't really appeal to me and even now at the age of twenty-one it doesn't. I have idols, Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora (the list goes on.) and I do like flicking through magazines at "what's hot" but I feel as though fashion isn't a way of expressing ourselves any more. Fashion seems like a must have. There are no guidelines these days, people and media tell you what you should be wearing and you should never be told what to wear, it's about comfortability and expressing who you are. 

I wouldn't say I'm boring with my outfit choices, I'd say I'm more original. I wear what I feel most comfortable in, I'll wear clothes that compliment my figure and wear colours that suit my skin tone. I'm not going to dress up in clothes that make me feel like I'm trying to be someone else. I wear Me, I do me. Some may say 'plain Jane.' but I'm far from that. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I would refer to as fashionable, but I would also refer to them as my personality. I express myself through my clothes, which is what fashion is suppose to be about, in my opinion. 

"I don't think I'll ever be the kind of woman to do the grocery shopping in a dress and high heels, I'm more of a statement tee and turn up jeans with converse pumps, and I'm okay with that." 

If you ask people for advice a lot of the time it will be "always be yourself" and that can be hard, possibly one of the toughest tasks to do. When there are critics in the street and on social media. Life is sometimes like living on america's next top model. Being judged for what style we chose to wear. But when we are comfortable and happy in who we are and what we wear it makes it a lot easier to continue being ourselves. 

I could easily wear what others are wearing and have my hair how everybody else has theirs, but where's the fun in that? Every time I go shopping I'd feel like I'm in a clown house of mirrors. Looking a lot like everybody else. When was the last time we posted on Instagram with the caption 'I'm wearing me, styled and modelled by me." There is nothing wrong with inspiration, and styling an outfit similar to our most loved celebrity, as long as we're in there somewhere. I can't duplicate myself, so I'm not going to try and duplicate someone else and try to look like them as much as possible but If I'm totally honest, I could throw anything on and feel good, as long as my face and hair are all on point. I don't care too much on my outfit and that is the reason alone why I'm not a fashion blogger, It really isn't my strongest suit. (no pun intended aha.) 

Be you. Be Original, Be-autiful.