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7 ways to change your mood

What to do when your feeling a little down in the dumps and overwhelmed by life's daily tasks... well, you could try any of these;

1 - Music

Let the music play, sing as loud as you can, dance as crazy as you can and really feel the vibes of the feel good beats. Exercise is brilliant for releasing stress and tension and what better way to exercise than by having fun dancing!

2 - Work out

Like I said, Exercise is brilliant for relieving stress and tension, stretch it out, run it out, whatever your choice.. just get moving and feel the stress disappear.

3 - Read

Nothing quite like escaping into a good novel, grab a book and find somewhere quite to head on someone else's adventure, read, laugh and maybe even cry. Enjoy being in someone else's shoes for a while.

4 - Meditate

Sit in a quite room with candles and focus on your breathing, have some special "me" time, think about nothing but peace and tranquillity.

5 - Plan a to-do list (that isn't too overwhelming)

have things to do? but, not really motivated.. tackle each errand/task at a time.. write small to-do lists and feel the sense of achievement when you tick it off.

6 - Laugh until you cry

Watch YouTube video's of animals or clumsy people, listen to a podcast, watch a funny film or failing that - attempt to go down the stairs on a dinner tray - okay, maybe not! just laugh, even if you stand in the mirror making funny faces, or just force yourself to laugh - you'll end up laughing anyway! Laughter is the best medicine after all..

7 - change your environment

Cover your walls in memorabilia, photo's quotes and all things positive, create rooms with calming colours, dimmed lights and candles. 

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