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September Favourites

September has treated me well, I celebrated my two year anniversary with my partner and renovated my living space which I am totally in-love with, but, putting that aside, Here's the little things I've loved a lot this month..


Life Hacks To Make House Work Easier

House work may be a chore to some and a loveable hobby to others and sometimes even a disability - I'm talking about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which I was diagnosed with in high school. I wouldn't say I am as over-the-top as they make out on television though and I've come up with some tips to make life a little easier when doing general housework, They're fun, they may make you laugh and you may even try one or two! plus - If you think of anymore, add them in the comments! I'd love to know your cleaning cheats.

Washer Wasting Time Tips

  • We all know that the washing machine gets hungry for socks and often leaves us with odd pairs, If you haven't noticed this by now then your not really a fan of socks! Make life easier and hand wash socks so they don't get munched by the washer.

  • Chuck all colours in the washing machine and use colour catchers, ain't nobody got time for separating shit into colour groups. 

  • After washing clothes, A dryer is necessary, It saves pegging out washing and then having to go into the blitzing rain doing some form of army training to get all clothes in the basket and in the house before the clothes need re-washing again! - saves enormous amounts of time and the dryer even irons clothes, It's like a multi-machine.  
Because Of The Kids...

  • If you're one of those people who are constantly hoovering - STOP! put double sided sticky tape on the bottoms of your shoes/slippers and catch bits whilst you pick up the never ending trail of toys! 

  • If for some reason you end up with chocolate hand prints stamped into the wall, felt tip lines, paint doodles or any other substance that could be pasted on the wall by a small child then you MUST paint the house with silk finish paint so it's easy to wipe away and saves you money and time, re-painting the house every few months. 
General Cleaning Tips

  • That never ending Ironing pile needs to be put away! Don't stand for hours ironing clothes that just get creased up again! put them away and iron them as you wear them - I just saved you hours of Ironing those shirts that re-crease as you're ironing them! (if you don't have a dryer)

  • Get a spin mop - they are neccesary, why? Have you ever mopped the floors and then had to tip toe across it for something and ended up with feet marks over the floor and had to re-mop? YUP! a spin mop is the answer to a clean dry floor without the Bambi on ice routine. 
+ If you have a cat or dog, they will thank you! I'm sure they have done the Scooby-doo routine down the hall a few times ! (If you don't know what I mean by Scooby- doo routine then you either haven't seen Scooby doo, or you've never witnessed your pet try and run on a slippery surface! - If you haven't, you haven't lived.)

  • Pluggins' are essential! It saves spraying the house every few hours with air freshener, it's either that or a great big candle! 

  • If you're a bit of a magpie and love things to sparkle then clean all stainless steel with vinegar, even your cutlery, they will be like diamonds when you're finished with them.

  • If you live in a mansion and for some reason you don't have a house keeper, cleaning that big house must take hours, so make it a workout! -strictly come mop dancing ! (we've all done it at some point, cha cha cha!)

Critical Critter Control
  • They say conkers are good for keeping spiders out but I highly advice you keep all windows and doors shut at all times and block all vents, Okay, maybe not the vents - but don't leave windows open all day, especially in the bathroom because that's where they like to come in usually. 

  • Flies - They're a pain in the backside, They play tennis with your head and poop all over your food, I suggest leaving trays of honey around so they can try a new game 'stuck in the mud.' (only, its not mud but that's an actual game, okay.) 

  • Daddy long legs - ear wigs - woodlouse - moths - bees - wasps - beetles and any other bug you can think of that happens to wonder through your home likes it's a god damn museum, the same rules apply, windows and doors kept shut at all times!! - If your poop stanks then use air freshener, if you're losing oxygen buy a tank. Your home is not a playground for critters, this is a very important piece of information to store in your brain. 


August Favourites// Belated

In august I had some crazy wonderful times, holidaying with my family, my boyfriend and his family and also celebrating my two nephews birthdays, Ethan and Ryan but on the beauty side, here's what I have been loving;-

Touch Of Silver Revitalising Dry Shampoo - If you've followed my blog and Instagram for a long time, you'll know that I am in love with all Touch Of Silver products. They are amazing and bottle up some of the most beautiful smelling, blonde enhancing goodness known to mankind. This dry shampoo, adds volume to hair insanely, makes hair smell glorious and really gives your blonde a refreshing boost. I will definitely be buying this multiple times. 

No7 Perfectly Bronzed - The tan I love for the things it's not - It's not biscuit or coffee scented and it't not patchy. It smooths over my body evenly and easily. I get a beautiful colour from this tan and it's even better when I shower as I look more sun-kissed after every wash. 

Eylure Pro Brow DyBrow - I use brow bars but there's nothing better than to have your eyebrows already at their fleak-est (its a word, I created it aha.) I get dark brows for up to 6 weeks without the hassle of colouring in my eyebrows every day. 

Botanics Detox Brush - I use this brush to dry brush my skin before a shower and just after a week of using it my body looked more toned and felt more breathable. After 6 weeks of using it, my skin is still thanking me. Boost circulation, remove dry skin and tone up dimpled skin with an organic dry brush, you'll love your body, trust me! 

Boots tea-tree witch hazel back spray - It's for your back, however I use it everywhere! Spots cleared up and I still continue to use to keep my skin clean and clear. 

No7 Pore Vacuum Mask - I have no words other than PHENOMENAL. read my review here. 

What are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.


My Wonderful Anniversary

On the 7th of September two years ago, I met the most amazing human being. We had known each other for several years but never met in person. In 2013, we got talking more than we usually did and we found that we wasn't so different. We would talk all day long and sometimes until 5am (when I had to be up at 6.) but he was worth staying up for. We said we would meet up on the 7th as we had known each other 7 years and 7 was just our lucky number.

Since meeting up that day, we spent every weekend together that year and of 2014 and we have the most amazing memories that I will treasure forever. I am in a relationship with my best friend and our relationship to me, if I could sum it up into one word would be - perfect.

So this weekend, we celebrated our anniversary as sadly, he is working today :'(. we did a lot of shopping, and a lot of eating and cuddling This is what my man did and got for me;

I lost my lucky necklace a while back that my nan had given me and I was heartbroken to not be able to use it any more. When I had my driving test, I failed because I was hung up that I didn't have my lucky necklace. On my second attempt, I took a teddy bear that I named 'Ted' for obvious reasons that Scott had bought for me in the year we first got together (2013). I used it as my new lucky charm, however it wasn't a charm but it did help because I passed. However, the moral of the story is that for our anniversary Scott got me a lucky coin which has 'I love you' on the front and on the reverse side 'I love you more than I can say' with a four leaf clover underneath. We got a scratch card and tested it out, From a £1 card, I won £10. It works and I am feeling very lucky in love and life right now! 

He also got me a tracksuit which I haven't taken off yet, I plan on living in it for the rest of my life, it is the most comfortable, figure complimenting fashion ensemble I have ever worn and I am sooo comfy! I feel like 'me' in it. So he did a great job getting me this in my eyes. 

Touched By Grave: A movie that came into the cinemas that me and Scott didn't get to see. We waited months for the DVD to come out, it never came out. The name of the film was changed and we just couldn't find it anywhere. I had forgotten all about it, but to my surprise, he had managed to get it offline for this special time in our lives and I could of cried. He is so thoughtful. p.s - we watched the movie - I was crying and I also got that horrid lump in my throat that I kept rubbing my throat to remove, but it just wouldn't go, I was an emotional wreck. (Highly advice you watch it, although US movies are hard to get your hands on.) 

The Art Of Pretending To Be A Grown-Up - I've wanted this book for ages and I don't really know why I hadn't ordered it sooner myself, but Scott had remembered and ordered it for my anniversary present which also nearly made me cry my eyes out. I love Grace Helbig and the book from what I have read so far is genius! I feel more organised already just from the first couple of chapters. I can't wait to get her second book when it's out! 

The last thing that wasn't planned, yesterday we went for a mooch around the shops and we ended up seeing a desk, Scott bought it for me and then we just pushed it in the car, sat in the car, looked at each other and started laughing our heads off. 'it's not every day you go out and buy a desk.' it was so random, but needed! When we got home, he helped me (pssst.. he did most the work) turn my office into a girly yet minimalist and organised office. Which I am in love with because I used to sit squished in a cupboard blogging with what seemed to be T-Rex arms (imagine it! haha.) 

My Amazing New Office Thanks To My Man

I got Scott Mad Max for his PS4 and I'm going to get him FIFA 16 when it comes out. (I'll probably regret getting it though. Goodbye relationship! ahaa, I joke.) We had a KFC on Friday night and on Saturday night we cooked together (which he did most of the work, again.) It's been a wonderful anniversary as it states in the title and for Scott it's not completely over, because there's some prizes in store for when I next see him! I love surprises! 

Anyway, get out of here and go be romantic with your other half. 
Live, love, laugh and be happy!  


N07 Pore Vacuum Mask // Review

I was so excited to get this product after seeing such great results on my sister, and once I finally got my hands on a tube, I was sold the minute I smothered it onto my face. It is by far the toughest but most brilliant face mask I have ever used. A vacuum mask works to pull out black heads and deep down dirt which this does marvellously. I was very satisfied with the results after the first use and I am over the moon with the results 6 months on. Read on to see why it's the best face mask on the market.