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Life Hacks To Make House Work Easier

House work may be a chore to some and a loveable hobby to others and sometimes even a disability - I'm talking about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which I was diagnosed with in high school. I wouldn't say I am as over-the-top as they make out on television though and I've come up with some tips to make life a little easier when doing general housework, They're fun, they may make you laugh and you may even try one or two! plus - If you think of anymore, add them in the comments! I'd love to know your cleaning cheats.

Washer Wasting Time Tips

  • We all know that the washing machine gets hungry for socks and often leaves us with odd pairs, If you haven't noticed this by now then your not really a fan of socks! Make life easier and hand wash socks so they don't get munched by the washer.

  • Chuck all colours in the washing machine and use colour catchers, ain't nobody got time for separating shit into colour groups. 

  • After washing clothes, A dryer is necessary, It saves pegging out washing and then having to go into the blitzing rain doing some form of army training to get all clothes in the basket and in the house before the clothes need re-washing again! - saves enormous amounts of time and the dryer even irons clothes, It's like a multi-machine.  
Because Of The Kids...

  • If you're one of those people who are constantly hoovering - STOP! put double sided sticky tape on the bottoms of your shoes/slippers and catch bits whilst you pick up the never ending trail of toys! 

  • If for some reason you end up with chocolate hand prints stamped into the wall, felt tip lines, paint doodles or any other substance that could be pasted on the wall by a small child then you MUST paint the house with silk finish paint so it's easy to wipe away and saves you money and time, re-painting the house every few months. 
General Cleaning Tips

  • That never ending Ironing pile needs to be put away! Don't stand for hours ironing clothes that just get creased up again! put them away and iron them as you wear them - I just saved you hours of Ironing those shirts that re-crease as you're ironing them! (if you don't have a dryer)

  • Get a spin mop - they are neccesary, why? Have you ever mopped the floors and then had to tip toe across it for something and ended up with feet marks over the floor and had to re-mop? YUP! a spin mop is the answer to a clean dry floor without the Bambi on ice routine. 
+ If you have a cat or dog, they will thank you! I'm sure they have done the Scooby-doo routine down the hall a few times ! (If you don't know what I mean by Scooby- doo routine then you either haven't seen Scooby doo, or you've never witnessed your pet try and run on a slippery surface! - If you haven't, you haven't lived.)

  • Pluggins' are essential! It saves spraying the house every few hours with air freshener, it's either that or a great big candle! 

  • If you're a bit of a magpie and love things to sparkle then clean all stainless steel with vinegar, even your cutlery, they will be like diamonds when you're finished with them.

  • If you live in a mansion and for some reason you don't have a house keeper, cleaning that big house must take hours, so make it a workout! -strictly come mop dancing ! (we've all done it at some point, cha cha cha!)

Critical Critter Control
  • They say conkers are good for keeping spiders out but I highly advice you keep all windows and doors shut at all times and block all vents, Okay, maybe not the vents - but don't leave windows open all day, especially in the bathroom because that's where they like to come in usually. 

  • Flies - They're a pain in the backside, They play tennis with your head and poop all over your food, I suggest leaving trays of honey around so they can try a new game 'stuck in the mud.' (only, its not mud but that's an actual game, okay.) 

  • Daddy long legs - ear wigs - woodlouse - moths - bees - wasps - beetles and any other bug you can think of that happens to wonder through your home likes it's a god damn museum, the same rules apply, windows and doors kept shut at all times!! - If your poop stanks then use air freshener, if you're losing oxygen buy a tank. Your home is not a playground for critters, this is a very important piece of information to store in your brain. 

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