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10 Reasons You Should Love Fall // Guest

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"Hey There, Sinead here, I'm an Irish fashion and beauty Blogger and I'm taking over Fresh Faced Bliss today! I love fall, It's my favourite season of all time and I've come up with 10 reasons to why I love it and why you should too. I hope you enjoy this post. Don't forget to swing by my blog!  All links are below."

1) I'm very stereotypically Irish, with my super pale almost light reflecting skin fall is a welcoming break from the unforgiving summer sun. Enjoying the sun without the unnecessary sizzling of my skin is something I am very thankful for this fall and every other fall to come. 

2) I'm just going to dive straight in here and say no shorts means no shaving. Yes, I said no shaving! After several months of smooth or slightly prickly legs at best, it's time to bin the razor and relax. As much as I love my gloriously smooth legs in the summer - shaving is time consuming and awfully dangerous, well not really but if you're clumsy like me it border line dangerous.


3) Hot chocolate is an acceptable beverage this season and of course I want mini marshmallows in it! In fact sitting around on the couch watching movies, eating junk food, and chilling on Skype to your friends that live 20 minutes away is all acceptable in this season of hibernation. Who wants to go out in the cold when you can Skype from your bed?  


4) Summer may have involved some partying and money being spent but that doesn't stop me stocking up on new Fall make-up. The beautiful rich berry tones, who could resist them?  They're just too gorgeous not to add to my collection. Judge me if you will but I'm sure many of you can join me in saying "I don't need it, but I want it, so I'm getting it".

5) New skincare. Personally I do love make-up but if you gave me the choice between a new lipstick or a new face mask, well I'd choose the face mask every time. Fall can be quite gloomy, the days are shorter, the weather is colder and staying inside is sort of necessary unless you fancy turning into an Eskimo. I like to make the most of this time and have a pamper evening every other night.

6) I love movies and I often get disappointed when there's nothing to watch. I don't know why I get disappointed but when fall is here and winter looms I've noticed, good movies start to appear. You simply can't beat a good flick to watch with your friends, especially being comfortable and cosy whilst you're doing so. 

7) Jumping through a big pile of crunchy leaves!! We all do it, it's a plain and simple activity that everyone enjoys whether it's a little kid or an elderly man out on a walk. It's just the best. If I happen to see someone doing it, it makes me smile. 

8) For  those of you with an inner ghost or goblin Halloween is here!! Whether you and your friends head to a creepy haunted house, get together to watch some scary movies or dress up in the perfect costumes it's going to be one fun night regardless because you never know what can happen on Halloween. mwahahahahahahahaha. 

9) For anyone who doesn't like Halloween and tends to curl up under the covers and wait for the terrible spook fest to be over and done with fear not Christmas is just around the corner! Who doesn't like Christmas? I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't, if there is anyone out there. Christmas is magical, spending time with family, exchanging gifts and decorating the house - who wouldn't want all of that?

10)  I think Fall is the most beautiful season there is. There is something strangely heart warming about the chilly air and the early sunsets. Walking along with your friends in the cold breeze, giggling about your day or being by yourself taking in all the beautiful colours around you, its just the most wonderful feeling in the world, trust me.

Thank you everyone for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my guest post. Do you love Fall as much as I do and can you relate to any of these? Comment below. Check out my blog Miss Forever Chic for more. I post lots of reviews, how to's, humour, fashion and beauty posts. I also have twitter follow me :)  


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