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Birthday Haul // Gifts and Buys

I turned 22 on Monday, some of you may already know this if you follow me on Twitter. However, I was celebrating from Friday to Tuesday which is one of the advantages of having a larger family. I posted the birthday tag on Monday '22 things I've learnt in 22 years.' although I wanted to share this post with you sooner but a busy schedule delayed it, it's finally here - This is what I got and bought for my birthday;

My wonderful other half got me this dressing table as a surprise. I'd wanted one for so many years but for some unknown reason I'd never made the purchase. He put it together and hid it in a room at his house. I knew something was going on and I had all sorts flying around my brain but I never thought that it could be a dressing table and to put it out there, I cried - not that 22 year old's should be crying on their birthday, but I did - floods of tears, but they were happy ones! 

He also got me this perfume. When we met I was wearing Kylie Minogue's Sexy Darling which I am running seriously low on. He wanted to get me a nice bottle to have on my dresser and knowing that I love Kylie's fragrances, he opted for the Music Box - Which I must say, I love the bottle and the scent is simply beautiful. With hints of 'Sexy Darling' it definitely is Kylie's signature scent I can smell although, Music Box is definitely more flirtatiously fruity. 

My Mother-In-Law got me this jewellery making kit which I was really excited over. I've never had anything like this before, and who doesn't love jewellery? I had a dabble with it yesterday and made this bracelet (below) which I haven't taken off my wrist yet. I don't know why but there's just something different about wearing something you've made yourself. No one else has one quite like it. Who am I wearing? ME! aha. 

Pretty neat for a first attempt..... 

I've wanted a pair of Stan Smiths since they came back into fashion but I thought I'd leave it as a suggestion for when I start getting asked 'what do you want for your birthday?' which my mum followed up on, I'm crazy in love with them, thanks momma!  
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My boyfriend also got me this tracksuit which I'm also in love with! it's fleece inside for extra cosiness during fall/winter. 

My sister also got me this No7 cleansing brush kit which Is simply amazing! I've used it every day and night since I got it and it's working wonders. (review soon!) 

I used to wear exstentions all the time but had a break from them for a good couple of years in the hope my hair would become healthier and grow longer, which I achieved, I got some new ones for my birthday to help give my hair a little more length and thickness and I'm in love with them!

I'm obsessed with boots, I have 100's! I possibly have every style you can get but I still buy more.. 
I got these with some birthday money I received. I couldn't resist! Over-the-knee, check! 

I've had a splendid birthday, Lovely gifts, lovely meals, lots of shopping and lots of great company to go along with it. I also had my living room and bedroom revamped which will be in a 'room tour' post that's coming very soon, I'll also be showing you what other things I bought for my birthday in order to make those revamps happen. Stay tuned! 

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