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How I Maintain My Hair //

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 You need to think of your hair like you would a car - sometimes you wash it, by law you have to get it serviced. It's not a law to keep your hair healthy of course, but it's good to give it the TLC it needs from time to time. So, how do I maintain my hair? Let me show you -

My hair is naturally curly and I don't mean angelic curls I mean, bushy fuzzy curls however, it's not fuzzy or bushy any more - with years of experimenting with products and a bunch of techniques I've managed to gain some form of hair routine that helps my hair to dry straight and stay straight for days. My hair luckily doesn't get greasy quickly, it can be rather dry so gaining moisture is key for me as I can't bare to have straw-like hair and although I'm a natural brunette, at the moment I have most of my hair dyed blonde. So here's how I keep my colour, lock in moisture and get salon worthy hair at home; 

1 - Using colour protecting shampoo and conditioner is a must for me and I manage to stop my hair from fading by using touch of silver or superdrugs colour effects as I'm sure many of you already know this. 

2 - To gain moisture and repair my hair from heat damage and weathered conditions I use a leave in conditioner and sleep in it at least once a week. 
I use OSMO. 

3 - I get my hair cut every 8-10 weeks - It's important to nip those split ends in the bud before they get worse and start to snap. Especially if you are trying to grow your hair. 

4 - When using heated tools on my hair, I lather my hair in a heat defence, frizz control serum to protect my hair from heat damage but to also give my hair a smooth finish.  - Remember heat serums cover all of your hair, spray's do not! 
Osmo Blinding Shine Serum 50ml

I've always used OSMO but took to a cheaper alternative recently which works just as well. 

5 - Your hair dryer technique is crucial! If you're doing it right you don't have to clamp so much with those red hot straighteners which are the cause of damaged hair. - You should be holding the hair dryer upright at a distance and using a barrel brush, to guide the dryer downwards. 

Hair dryers don't damage your hair as much as straighteners so getting your blow job right, is a must!

6 - No Heat Week - I like to go heat free for one week out of the month to give my hair some time to de-stress and repair itself. Just like us, when we've done too much, our hair needs a break too! 
7 - I use sea salt spray or other curling sprays to get curly hair rather than using heated curlers - curling irons are burning your hair! - A straightener is probably better to curl hair than a a curling iron but I chose to get curls without the heat. 

Toni and Guy is the only sea salt spray I have used and will use. 

8 - Using scrunches instead of bobble bands are a must for me - there's so many times I've had a bobble band stuck in my hair and had to cut my hair to get it out, ouch!  

I hope some of these tips help you to maintain your hair and stop your bad hair days! Finding a routine that works for you is such a relief and makes getting ready a lot less stressful and of course, easier. 

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