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Apps All Writers/Bloggers Should Own //

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Last week we looked at the equipment bloggers need, if you missed it the post is here. Today's post however is focussed on those little helpful apps that will help inspire us, get us out of writers block and just make writing and blogging a lot easier. These are the top apps you should own: 

Bloglovin' - is an amazing app that helps you to grow a blog audience but also helps you to find blogs that are similar to your own. I find this app to be kind of motivating - You see all of those perfect images and catchy headlines and It just sparks a lot of inspiration. If you don't have bloglovin' you seriously are missing out! 

Story Plot Generator - This app is brilliant to get your brain working and to help solve any writer's block issues. It gives you plots, characters, dialogue and times you so you have to be quick at thinking and jotting it down. It's a fun app that is helpful and that could also make you giggle. The stories I've created with this app make me laugh out loud. It's random and you never know what you'll be asked to add each round. It's kind of like a game for your brain. 

Picsart - I've used this app for years and I'm overly fond with it! There are so many stickers, clip arts, effects and other amazing tools to transform any photo into a masterpiece, or you could create your own, with lots of layers, masks and doodle tools you'll be inventing art in no time. It's super easy to use and performs professionally with results you'll be over the moon with. 

Hootsuite - This is the perfect tool to control all of your social media accounts, schedule tweets and keep on top of all your likes, Rt's and shares. Sick of opening and closing each app individually, let hootsuite make your life easier, you can send the same message out on multiple platforms to save your thumb all that tip tapping! 

Evernote - Okay, this app has to be the best organising tool there is! Write to-do lists, set reminders, record memo's and a bunch of other cool stuff to completely organise your life as a writer. If you're not a blog owner or writer, this could still be an app you're missing out on, save those appointments, store shopping lists and write down your Christmas wishlist to share with your work mates or family! It's a brilliant app and I simply couldn't live without it. Get organised with your business or general life with Evernote. 

Podbay - This has to be the coolest app for free podcasts, Personally I choose to listen to Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig but there's a huge range to chose from. Get inspired, motivated and giggle away whilst you work. This app is one of my favourites and I'll never remove it from my phone, it's just too cool! 

Thanks for reading! 

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