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D.I.Y // Photobox For Under £10

My Christmas list contained a lot of photo boxes, lighting equipment and back drops this year. However, my boyfriend had the idea of making our own, so on Friday we did. It was super easy and the results were phenomenal. If you want to know how we made this and for such a great price then continue to read. I guarantee you'll be amazed too! 

You will need; 

White Duct Tape
2 Large pieces of Foam Board - white
A craft knife
Straight Edge 
Tissue Paper 
& 1 large sheet of white paper/card

Step 1 - Grab your two pieces of foam board and measure them length ways, mark the middle of the board and then cut them in half so you have 4 pieces that are all the same size. 

Step 2 - Using the straight edge, draw up a rectangle on the 3 pieces of foam board, like this; 

Step 3 - Using your craft knife, cut out the middle rectangle to make a window, repeat on all three foam boards. 

step 4 - Using tissue paper and duct tape, cover up the windows. 

Step 5 - Now you have three windows

 place them all in a line, leaving a small gab between each one so it's able to bend. Duct tape them all together on both sides of the foam board.

Step 6 -  Duct tape the piece of paper/card across the top of the middle window, like this; 

 Step 7 - Place two desk lamps each side of the box - LED bulbs are advised as they don't get hot, the last thing we want to do is start a fire, plus LED bulbs give off a brighter, whiter light which means our photo's will be crystal clear!   

& Finally Stand it up and admire

You should have two side windows, a window on the top and your back drop, plus images without horrid shadows!  If you have  gaps between the side windows and the backdrop, you can duct tape the remaining foam board to the back of the box so the inside remains bright white.

Thanks For Reading! 
I'll be adding more handy D.I.Y Projects very soon. 

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