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Many of us have a 'shoe box' full of bits and dabs that we like to think of as our little box of happiness, Where we keep photo's, birthday cards, and other little snippets from our lives. However, If you've seen 'The Vow' and have a fear of one day losing your memory like me, then you'll need to be prepared.

 My life is controlled by writing about my day-to-day life in a diary and I have a huge wooden chest full of memories from past to present, no matter how rubbish a day I've had, I still write about it and I keep everything from cinema tickets to holiday flyers and of course cards and photographs and whatever else shapes me as a person.

Memories, are something that apparently never fade, but what about when our memory is stolen from us, or we're having a really bad day? Memory boxes are our go-to for inspiration, our memory and our way of cheering ourselves up. You could always go through your albums on Facebook reminiscing the 'good ole days' but there's nothing better than having your own little treasure chest that's full of, you! Here are some memory storing craft ideas, to get you started;

A memory box for cinema, concert, and sports game tickets! - A wonderful way to show who you are as a person to your visitors and memorabilia for you! 

Ticket wall mount - This is a wonderful way to keep all of your concert, cinema and sports game tickets, they're on show, reminding you every day of the good times you've endured, plus they make a great piece of decor for your home. 

Memory Suitcases - These are Ideal, to have on show or to store away. Fill them with anything you fancy, I thought this was more of a wedding/relationship case - perfect for all of those, seat plans, confetti, photographs and everything else from your big day! 

Card Box - I don't know about you, but I have always kept my birthday, Christmas and Valentines cards - Most of them say the same thing but it's nice to keep them around. You may not want your '18 today' cards scattered around your home, so this creative little box is perfect for filling with your past and present cards.

Light Up Memory Line - It's like a washing line for your photographs, you can have any pattern, from lines to hearts, add little wooden pegs for effect and lights to really let your memories shine! Be happy all the time with your best memories surrounding you whilst you sleep and once you've awoke. 

Journal - With social media being very popular and technology taking over, a lot of us tend to write our thoughts and feelings online, however - Writing in a journal doesn't need 'likes' and 'Retweets' it's a personal file for you to keep, full of your good days and bad days. It's always relaxing to reflect on your day by candle light and have some 'you' time. 

Post Card Map - I personally love this idea! Everywhere you visit, buy a post card and add it to your wall of fame, display it in the shape of a globe, a map or however you fancy ! - It's a wonderful way to give a room some life and your guests will love what you've done with the place. Be inspired all day long with a post card map. 

Sand Bottles - I know a lot of people whom fill bottles with the sand of every beach they've walked on, they make lovely ornaments and are literally a memory in a bottle. 

Shell Display - These are pretty cool to store in you bathroom or kitchen, if you're familiar with the sailor trend and have it somewhere in your home, this is perfect for you! Collect shells everywhere you go and use them to make a beautiful piece of art! 

Also, you could buy a cheap photo frame and super glue some shells around it and add a photo from that holiday in it, like I did. 

Travel Collages - I love this Idea of framing where you've been and what you've done there. Your home would be like a delightful museum! Personally, I think these would look really cool going up the stairs or on the walls in a hallway. 

Hand Crafted Photo Albums - You can buy these on Etsy or Ebay or even have a go at making one yourself. They're photo albums with your added stamp on them. Beautiful to keep or give to someone for a gift. 

Family Tree Display - This would be apart of my dream home! It add's warmth to a room, it's art and it's memories! Simply purchase a tree decal or paint one if you're skilled and all all of your family members to it. It's simply brilliant! 

Hand Printed Canvas' - It's fun for all of the family to create and a masterpiece when it's on the wall! Get your hands in some paint and make your own hand printed canvas.

Baby Boxes - Their first bottle, dummy, tooth, lock of hair, baby grow - all in a box! keep them safe forever! They grow up way too fast. 

Memo Blocks - Decorative blocks with a message and a memory - easy to make yourself and affordable to buy. They make any home pleasantly cosy! 

I hope this has inspired you and helps you to create the perfect memories that you can keep reliving by storing or displaying.

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