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Super Cool Office Gadgets & Stationary

It can get boring sitting at a computer all day long but thanks to sites as such as Think Geek and Modcloth, offices can actually now be a place to have fun and enjoy working, yes I said it! Check out these insanely cool Gadgets and Gizmo's here; 

Lets Just Wing It Tape Dispenser $14.99/£9.80

This owl shaped tape dispenser is super cool and would look amazing on a minimalist desk.

Shark Bite Staple Remover $78/£51.01 

A little pricey but for those Jaws fans out there, it's the perfect gift for Christmas - just sayin'!

Note Paper Roller $28/£18.31

This would come in handy for many of us office workers/bloggers or for anyone who loves making to-do lists! It's the perfect tool to keep handy on your desk.

Headphones $149/£97.43 

How are we going to listen to those new albums on Spotify? I'm sure not everyone want's to hear what your listening too. These headphones are super mod and super cool!

Game Of Thrones Map Canvas $39.99/£26.15

You would have to be a fan to appreciate this but how cool? Need I say any more?

Camera Lens Mug $19.86/£12.99

Okay, This is my favourite and I want one BADLY! Super duper cool!

Tipsy Pen Holder  $37.34/£24.42 

Are you one of those people that has to search the entire house for a pen? This tipsy pen holder could help, as long as you put it back there after use, obviously! Super cool!!

What super cool stationary/gadgets do you have on your desk?

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