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Why It's Impossible To Find A Good Hairdresser!

I have had my fair share of hairdressers, from mobile to salon qualified and I must admit, they make me angry more than anything. You know, that uncomfortable feeling that you may sometimes get ? I feel that every time a 'hair dresser' touches my hair. Here's a list of things that p*** me off about hairdressers, see if you can agree;

Mobile Hairdressers

The One Handed Buffoon 
 You come to my house with one arm bandaged up, wack on some peroxide and then tell me 'I'm unable to wash or cut your hair today as I've injured my hand.' and then you leave me with instructions to wash off the dye in 30 minutes. - This is bad for business and I should of been warned before-hand. (Literally.)

Do You Have Any Shampoo? 

Yes I do, but I'm paying you to bring your own supplies in order to make me feel like a million dollars, You're already using my electric and sipping my brews. 

Oh, You have a dog!

Yes, this is my home it's not against the law to own a dog nor to have it wondering around my home freely. This is my home, not your salon and you chose to go mobile. 

Doesn't Have A Clue, Spills Glue 

Those mobile hairdressers that are clumsy as hell with no organisation what so ever annoy me the most. You make them a cup of tea, they smash the glass, they dye your hair, half of it ends up on the floor - Thank the lord I have wooden floor! 

No Ears 

I wanted my re-growth touching up instead I keep my overgrown roots but get brighter lengths, seriously, are you listening to me? 

No Show 

You're excited to get your hair done and it's well overdue - your appointments getting closer and your looking out the window anxiously - 3 hours later, they haven't shown up, text or called and won't reply to your messages or answer their phone. If you want to earn a living, be reliable! 

"Mobile Hairdressers have to be the worst kinds, the amount of mishaps I have encountered with mobile hairdressers is unreal. I just want a friendly person to be able to make my hair look all kinds of fleek without all the hassle. - It's way too easy to gain a qualification in hairdressing nowadays with those 2 month courses you find on groupon. Don't be fooled by unqualified hairdressers, there's even some out there with no knowledge of hair dressing at all, thanks to facebook."

In A Salon 

The Hair Analysis 

Is it necessary to have 5 humans tugging and pulling at my hair and telling me what's best for me, whilst reports are written up on my hair type, face shape ect... 

The Scissor Friendly Nut Job 

When I ask for an inch off my hair, I mean 1 inch! I never asked you to give me an inverted bob, thank you. 

Wash Room Conundrums 

I wore make-up today to feel comfortable in your brightly lit all-mirrored salon and then you go and spray my face with a shower head that is indeed TOO HOT. 

The Awkward Snapper 

 You're supposed to be a hairdresser yet you take forever combing my hair, asking me questions about how you should cut it? Are you really qualified, what are you scared of? 

The Colour Destroyer 

You ask for blonde high lights and come out with orange streaks. No, I do not want to see the back thank you very much! 

The Half A Job 

You attend your appointment for a root touch up and cut, however your colours great but your hair doesn't look like it's been cut at all or visa versa. 

Too Busy For Business 

You're clearly a popular salon, do you need to leave me with wringing wet hair for 1 hour whilst you attend to your other regulars? I didn't think so either, so stop! 

Going Anywhere Nice On Holiday? 

 I'm here for a hair cut, I don't need to answer the most common and boring question known in hairdressing history, thank you. 

Is it really just me who dreads the hair dresser? Just me that changes hairdressers by the day? 
Surely, somewhere out there, there's a human being who can both cut and colour hair. 

If you're happy with your hairdresser or know of a decent salon PLEASE let me know in the comments! 

Rant Over.



  1. We're not ALL like that! haha I promise :)

    1. Your a hairdresser? I did not know that!!

    2. yup :) haha I've never heard of house call hair dressers though. besides friends doing eachothers hair.


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