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6 Essentials You Need At Christmas! // Blogmas

It's the first of December and that only means...Blogmas ! It's been a long wait and I'm super excited. Christmas Is just around the corner and for the first 12 days of the month I'll be writing up and sharing a lot of festive cheer. Today's post is dedicated to the fashion we all start to dress up in as the weather becomes bitterly cold. Here are the 6 essentials we all need; 

Hat - There are so many beanies, headband styled hats and full on Eskimo kinds out there, It doesn't matter what we chose as long as it keeps us warm, right? This hat is from Tesco's and costs £15 - Does anyone else remember the days when you could buy a hat, scarf and gloves for possibly £6, what happened? 

Jumper - Personally, I love jumpers and this year I'm even going to make the effort of wearing a full on Xmas novelty jumper, there are so many great ones out there! I love this Penguin one from Newlook as it's suitable to wear all winter rather than just Xmas day. It's £12.99 at Newlook. 

Slippers - I probably hibernate in slippers or bed socks around this time of year and of course a onesie, why isn't that on the list? anyway, these slippers are £12.50 at M&S and look soo warm and comfortable! 

Uggs - Those boots that get good vibes and also bad ones, get ready for all of those 'UGG' jokes that should be flying around right now, usually sent by men. I don't see the big fuss over them if I'm honest, they're super cosy and trendy and are every girls winter go-to. These are £195 at Ugg Australia. 

Scarf - I probably have the same amount of scarfs as I do shoes, you simply can't beat wrapping up in the winter and this scarf will only set you back £7.99 at Newlook. Bargain.

Cover-Up - There are so many of these on the rails at the moment and there's so many different styles and colours and I just love them! In fact, I'd probably buy a lot of them if It wasn't for Christmas and the season for 'giving.' This cover-up costs £32 at Next. 

& There you have it, 6 essentials you need at Christmas, well 7 if we add a onesie! 
What will you be wearing this season? 

A x

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