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Places We Don't Always Clean //

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Christmas is right around the corner and although decorating the house usually makes a mess with glitter, bits of tree and tinsel all over the floor, it's hard to keep things under wraps. Some of us love to clean and others hate it but there's places we all miss when doing our everyday routine. It's time to make time and give our homes the ultimate Christmas Clean. Forget 'Spring Clean.' This month is full of festivities meaning, guests and lots of them, so without further ado, let's get on with this thing; 

1 - Pet Hair Chaos

If you own a pet like me, then it's inevitable that you  have bacteria in your home that is carried in by your four legged friend. However, I'm speaking about pet hair. Skirting boards usually get full up of dust and pet hair, it's like a magnet for it. 

However, we don't always have the time to clean these area's when there's washing to do and hoovering to done. Pet hair can carry bacteria and that means those skirting boards need a good bleaching. It only takes a couple of minutes and your home will already feel 100 times better. 

Free stock photo of animal, dog, pet, puppy

*I'm sorry* 

2 - The Writings Not On The Wall 

I'm ever so sorry Sam Smith but when you have children running around with felt tip pens, chocolate hands, own pets or opted for white coated walls then there will definitely be a mark or two. I am forever redecorating my walls because I find that clean walls make the room feel bigger and look fresher but since I'm on a 'no painting ban' I have to now clean the walls and it's amazing to see that even without visible marks, the dirt that's revealed on the cloth is literally...astonishing! 

 I use Cif Cream Cleaner and a damp cloth - your walls will be beautiful and clean and it doesn't even take that long! I assure you, your guests will be asking 'Have you decorated?' it's up to you if you lie or let them in on the secret ;) 

3 - Bin There, Done That - Have You Wheelie Bin?

You may wonder what the hell I'm on about, I'm talking about Bin's - Do you clean your bin?  I've asked many people this question before and they look at me as if I have gone mad. However, let's be honest bins smell, we put food scraps in them, out of date food and god knows what else, which makes this area liable for an infestation of bacteria and germs. Washing out the bins in your home and the bins outdoors with some bleach and a jet wash or hose, will get rid of any odour, bacteria and also stop any pests coming around your home, although I think foxes will still be screeching at your bins at 3am in the morning - sorry, there's no cure for that, I don't think. 


*Say Hello To My Little Friend* (I bet you said that, in the voice!) 

4 -Never Turn A Blind Eye 

Blinds are like dust catchers, they're a little bit like a dream catcher - okay, they're not! 
Dusty blinds is a sight for sore eyes and cleaning them can be a pain in the backside. I hate cleaning blinds but thankfully there is now a little tool that can help speed up the process - 

*Aint Nobody Got Time For That* - Oh yes, yes they have now! 

5 - Web Busters

Now, if you're anything like me and those eight legged creepers scare the life out of you, you probably would of already done this. However, If you're more of a 'They get rid of the flies' and let them set up home rent free kind of people, you most probably haven't. Most webs are empty but some are left with flies wrapped up in the spool of mess and that just isn't attractive! Using a large duster can solve all of your problems if 1) You hate spiders or 2) You hate Mess or 3) You have O.C.D

Places Spiders Like To Camp Most 

  • Always In The Bathroom
  • In The Corners Of Rooms
  • Around Lighting 
I advise you not to go near the shed or the attic, You can thank me later.

6- Your Office

Did you know that an office holds 10 MILLION germs & bacteria. No? You do now!
If that didn't scare you enough then this will - A desk arbours 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat. - If you don't believe me Google it. 

Think about it, your hands go everywhere - Phones, laptops, all over the desk, You eat food there, you drink drinks, you use the toilet, smoke, maybe? - There's a million reasons to what you could be doing that infests your desk with bacteria other than 'you were playing angry birds whilst having a number two and forgot to wash your hands because you upped a level and dropped a dress size.' We've all done it... once or twice!

!Don't ever buy polish! 

It doesn't kill germs, it shines surfaces. Disinfect/bleach your desk for the best kind of clean! 

So there you have it, 6 places we don't always clean. I hope you enjoyed this post. 
You can read my De-clutter post here.  I'll be posting more of these kinds of posts very soon. 

Thanks for reading! 

-A x

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