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The Best Budget Tripod // Review // YT CLUB

I had the chance to work with the lovely Veena from YT Club and I couldn't refuse the offer. She's super sweet and created such a wonderful product that's both affordable and flexible. This tripod has many good points and is very versatile and that is why I think it's the best budget tripod out there. To see why, read more; 

When I received this in the post I was very excited to see what all the hype was about and If I'm totally honest I'm very impressed by how well this product has been built and for such a great price too. Here's everything I love about it: 

Firstly, It comes packaged in this adorable box that has quotes stamped across it, Which makes it all the more exciting to open with the added encouragement. Usually you receive products like this in a bog standard 'plain Jane' box so I was quite amused by all of the little hidden quotes everywhere. 

But then again, it's not the box I'm reviewing it's the awesome mini tripod that's inside that could replace your selfie stick, for good. 


The thing with selfie sticks is the fact that you still have to hold it in order to take the picture but, with this tripod you can grip it to just about anything and pose like a pro for some of your best pictures yet! 

"It's Unbelievably Versatile!"

It's compatible with both a mobile phone and your camera, weather it's a compact, bridge or a DSLR this will hold it. It doesn't matter if you have an Iphone or galaxy either because any mobile device can fit onto this, even those old brick like phones which nobody probably owns any more! 

 I told you it was versatile! However, It's flexible legs are the fun part. You can wrap these around anything, so far I have fixed it to my desk, shower door and mirror but it is so flexible and sturdy it will grip onto just about anything. Yes, ANYTHING! If that didn't amaze you then maybe the part where I say 'It doesn't mark your furniture' will? 

Since using this tripod I have had a lot of fun pushing it to it's limits and seeing how well it performs and I am very impressed. It doesn't slip and slide, it's very sturdy and it's also small enough and light enough to carry around with you on your travels. It makes selfies a dream to capture and life a whole lot easier, especially being a blogger. This tripod is perfect for the kind of work I do and has became my best friend within minutes of using it. 

I'd give this product 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to bloggers alike and blossoming photographers. You have to try it for yourself to believe how brilliant this product is for such a low cost. Speaking of cost, it costs £20 which I think is a reasonable price for how well this has been made and it honestly will become your best friend too! 

You can buy it here. 

It's available in pink & black or black. Which one will you choose? 

Thanks For Reading! 

- A 

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