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Blow Dry Mistakes We All Make //

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It's party season and I've been meaning to do this post for a very long time, However, I think it ties in brilliantly with the festive season. How many of us end up 'blasting' our hair with a dryer and end up a ball of fuzz and frizz? I've wondered for a very long time how my hair never seems to go as sleek as what the hairdresser makes it, but, with a lot of practice - usually on my mother's head, I've managed to find the right products and techniques for gaining runway worthy hair. Here's the 4.1.1; 


Serum - I have always stood by using serum over a spritz and the answer to why is simply this - A spritz will only cover the area you spray but a serum will cover your whole head. Since using a serum over a spritz, my hair has grown so much and is a lot healthier than it used to be. When it comes to blow-drying or styling, always use a Serum. I highly recommend these;

I swap and change between all three of these products, they're inexpensive and work wonders on my hair. For a frizz taming, heat defensive, shine giving serum, these are truly remarkable hair hero's you should look into getting. 

Shampoo & Conditioner - For;

 very dry hair I recommend using Herbal Essences, Hello Hydration duo. 

coloured hair particularly blonde, you can't go wrong with Touch Of Silver. However for, brunettes, luscious reds and any other colour on the scale, John Frieda's Colour protecting collection is simply wonderful. 

Oily Hair - Controlling oily hair can be a pain in the backside but thankfully, Aloe Organics shampoo & conditioner are medically developed to help control oily scalps. I highly recommend this if you're at the end of your tether. 

Styling Tips

  • Always use a diffuser when it comes to blow-drying, you gain so much more control and banish the 'blast' effect when you use one.
  • If your hair lacks volume or falls out of styles easily, use dry shampoo, it's every girls best friend! 
  • Hairspray - Use it after styling no matter what your choice, it doesn't just hold curls, it's brilliant for control in windy conditions. 


When hair-drying you want to avoid 'blasting' at every cost, It makes hair frizzy, uncontrollable, gains knots and takes twice as long to style afterwards.

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For sleek & straight hair you should angle your dryer so it is blowing down the hair shaft. Using a barrel brush can help to control your style, brushing your hair in a straight motion and following with the hair dryer will give you a sleek look. Tip - Don't flick the hair dryer up and down, always go in one direction, if you flick up and down you will create frizz and static hair.  

For volume you want to lift the hair and blow-dry from underneath to create a thicker/puffier root. 

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& For the ultimate boost of volume, you can tilt your head forward bringing all of you hair to the front, then blow-dry the back of your hair for a couple of seconds - spray with hair spray to help the volume stay. 

Thanks for reading! 

A x

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