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Welcome To My Wardrobe // Room Tour

Hi There! I've wanted to do this post for sooo long and today is finally the day! I'm really happy at the moment with the organisation of my room so without further ado - Welcome to my boudoir! 


Happy House Mission // Tick List

I have been a mission the past couple of years to block all roads of negativity out of my life. I started by deactivating my Facebook account, which has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I really don't need to tell the world whats going on in my mind and let people know where i am 24/7. It's very wrong and there's too much information given out on that website for my liking. I then started to de-clutter my home and redecorate, I opted for a minimalist style with a pop of colour in every room that had meaning to it. (I'll tell you more about that later.) I then ditched the diet and gained self love.  Changed my hair, quit smoking and focused on the finer things in life and appreciated the beauty of the free things in life. 

If there is an area in your life that you're not 100% happy with then join me on this mission. We only live once so we need to make sure we get it right the first time. live happier, feel stronger and face your demons and remember tomorrow is a new day. I will be writing posts similar to this every week to explain my journey and help you along with yours. Make 2016 your year with a new outlook on life. Let's get started; 


4 Ways To Style A Fedora Hat //

Today I'm going to show you four quick and easy ways to style your hair to suit a fedora hat, or any other hat for that matter. I love hats, I believe they make an outfit and you don't have to have pristine hair to pull them off, I used my natural hair for these pictures, no straighteners or product needed, just a hair band and a hat. So here goes - 


What's Really In My Make-up Bag //

I watch a lot of "What's In My Bag" Videos and today I thought I would share my every day essentials with you. I find my make-up to be affordable, I don't believe we need to use a £90 foundation for an every day occasion. So without further ado - Here's my every day casual make-up set; 


We Were Born To Stand Out // Blog Help

 Last nights #fblchat is the reason behind todays blog post. I was ever so inspired last night by the conversation and links I received and for once in a very long time, I enjoyed the conversation that much that I didn't sign off early! Today I wanted to talk about blogs and why it's important to stand out rather than fit in and mention a couple of things that we all experience as bloggers, so here goes; 


February Favourites // Valentines

It's my favourite time of the month to tell you all about the products I'm loving most, right now. 
It's also Valentines Day on Sunday so it's the perfect time to get out the pamper products and have some good ole TLC, and also go and treat ourselves to some new beauty pieces! Here's what I'm loving this month.....


How I Ditched The Diet & Gained Self Love //

In this generation  the way we appear to others has become a big deal. What we weigh on the scales being one of the main priorities in life. However, I say fuck society and fuck the diets!
I don't want to see glossy covers telling me how I should look and advising me to drink carrot juice for 9 months in order to lose 5 stone and drop 6 dress sizes. We are all beautiful in our way and if the whole world was full of airbrushed figures without an inch of love lumps, it would be boring! Do we all really want to look like clones of each other, I certainly don't want to look exactly like Khloe Kardashian however much I love the woman, I don't need to dress, act, and do my hair and make-up like her. Trending fashion and make-up looks are great, Don't get me wrong. But when everyone jumps on the band wagon, going shopping is like bumping into your twin every five seconds.


I have used BB cream for a couple of years now and I must admit, I prefer it 1000% better than any foundation I've ever used. I started off using simple's BB cream with Vitamin E in replacement of my NO7 Beautifully Matte Foundation. It cost £8.99 at the time, however I was able to get it from Superdrug for £4.88 in the sale and I'd buy it in bulk. I loved using it, it was affordable, lasted longer than foundation and the best thing about it was that, I didn't feel all caked up and spots stopped appearing. 

Earlier this year I went back to my No7 Foundation and what happened? Spot galore! So yeah, You guessed right, I'm back to the BB cream. I did however purchase a couple of different BB creams to basically see if I was using the best one or not. Coverage, colour match and staying power are a must for me. If you're wondering what the heck BB cream is or if you have thought about trying it. This bunch of brand reviews may just help you chose the right one. For the full list of my honest opinions, continue reading. 


How To Get Blog Organised & Boost Traffic //

Running a blog and a social life can be quite tricky. Families, other work and social events may have you all tied up and your blog suffering in the process or visa versa. If your blog is just a hobby, it's okay not to be so precise with details and deadlines however, if you want to make some form of success from your blog and you struggle to make time or you're just struggling for post idea's then these tips are sure to have you blog organised in no time!  

If you want to beat the hustle and bustle of a busy life style and have never ending ideas for posts then keep on reading, I'm sure you'll find these tips super helpful, they work for me after all. 

How To Look Good On A Date When You Have A Hangover // Contribution

Many people think that we should fall in love with a person for who he or she is without considering impressions. However, most of us will mind how impressive we look when we go on dates. The majority of women or ladies have issues getting ready for dates as they are too worried about what their date will think of them. This is especially the case if it is the first time you are having a date with the person. Fortunately, ladies can relax as there are tips that can be effective in helping them get ready for that date especially when one has a hangover.  Here are some tips you need to consider and remember every time.


5 super tricks for great skin // Winter Edition

Free stock photo of cold, snow, woman, winter

Some people are born with great skin and others have to work for it. My skin suffers in the Winter just like many others around the globe. All of that wind, air conditioning and heating is battering our faces like you wouldn't believe. however, these 6 handy tips and tricks will have your skin feeling super healthy through-out winter and through the year! 

Weather you have dry, oily or normal skin; Suffer with dark spots or acne these tips are gold for any self loving human. I mean, it's hard work being a woman right? Well, lets say goodbye to those bad skin days! (yes, they're a thing!) 




Free stock photo of business, idea, new year, startup

A lot of bloggers are posting there new years resolutions and blog goals so being a blogger I thought i'd jump on the bandwagon. This year for me is all about growing my business and putting myself out there more. I've never attended a blogging event or met any other bloggers yet and I'm hoping to step out of the office and into the limelight. 

For a long time I've always stayed in the safety zone but this year I want to step out of the box and be more "yooohooo I'm over here." I hope to relaunch my brand and basically give my blog a complete overhaul and make it more of a happy place for my readers to sit down with a cup of tea and see some entertainment rather than just boring reviews and the usual blog posts we see scattered all across the web. So, basically, it's about my style - I'm going to try and put more of 'me' into my blog, you'll see more of me, see video's but hopefully you'll get the gist of who I am and and what I'm about from my writing alone. 

The Youtube Leap 


Acne // The Simple Pimple Promise //

Pimples can be very stressful for any woman of any age, they're not a pretty sight and some breakouts seem like they're never going away. However, you can google tips and tricks to getting rid of them quickly but most of the articles you come across advices you to rub a lemon on your face, toothpaste, baking soda or even worse, curry spices and the unsettling thing is that, most of us try them! Although we are being told 'your pimples will go over night.' they actually get worse and it causes more harm to our skin in the long run than what we initially thought. 

I've tried every thing, I've been out to the shops and purchased all of those pimple sticks, oils and gels that were invented to do what they say on the bottle but they never work. I won't bad name any brands here but I will say - do not use anything on your face that has 'spot prevention' or just the word 'spot' in general on the label. It's taken me a very long time to figure out what will work and what won't and I know everyone has different skin but this is what works for me and it's 100% safe ! 

"Treat A Breakout Like
 A Case Of The Flu"


Our First Day Out With A DSLR //

Hey! It feels so good to be back blogging again after such an amazing holiday. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have lots of happy times this year! Onto Today's post - 

Our First Day Out With A DSLR

For Christmas I got my first DSLR and I can tell you - I am 10000% in love with it. I have the Canon 1200d and both myself and my boyfriend decided to take it out the other day for some practice. We took most shots whilst on the move in the car and then headed to the german cemetery and took some wonderful shots. Here's what we captured and our thoughts;