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5 super tricks for great skin // Winter Edition

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Some people are born with great skin and others have to work for it. My skin suffers in the Winter just like many others around the globe. All of that wind, air conditioning and heating is battering our faces like you wouldn't believe. however, these 6 handy tips and tricks will have your skin feeling super healthy through-out winter and through the year! 

Weather you have dry, oily or normal skin; Suffer with dark spots or acne these tips are gold for any self loving human. I mean, it's hard work being a woman right? Well, lets say goodbye to those bad skin days! (yes, they're a thing!) 



Water should be consumed whatever the weather. We sleep for long periods of time dehydrating our systems as we dream away. It is important to have a pint of water first thing in the morning and before bed. We should be drinking around 8 pints a day but if you're not a fan, try having 2 pints a day. It's great for our skin and is the ultimate glow getter!


When the weather is really cold we tend to eat more hearty home made dinners or hibernate in our onesies and order takeaways. It's also easy to become bored throughout winter which ends up in a lot of picking/snacking. We need to take a look at our diet and make sure that we are eating plenty of vegetables and fruit. Try to aim for 80% greens and 20% protein on your plate this winter. Your digestive system will work super, your skin will be super and you may even lose a few lbs from the Christmas period. 


With all of these environmental stresses our skin gains a battering. It's important that we cleanse, tone and moisturise on a daily basis. We should also be exfoliating twice a week and/or spend some time with a facial sauna to purify the skin and get the deep clean we all need most. 


Vitamins are a key essential. You could take multivitamins or opt for health&beauty varieties that help with hair and nail growth, hormones and skin. Vitamins are the best thing you could take each and every day to help your body and skin glow from the inside out.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea's are brilliant for all kinds of things, skin, health problems and even stress and sleep. Here's my herbal tea guide. click here to read more. 

Beauty Sleep

Sleep is also very important so to set the mood, shower and cleanse before bed, light a candle and read some of your favourite book so you have the best sleep there is. If that doesn't do it for you, take a look at my "Tips For A Better Nights Sleep" article here.

What do you do to keep your glow through-out winter?
Sound off in the comments!


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