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Acne // The Simple Pimple Promise //

Pimples can be very stressful for any woman of any age, they're not a pretty sight and some breakouts seem like they're never going away. However, you can google tips and tricks to getting rid of them quickly but most of the articles you come across advices you to rub a lemon on your face, toothpaste, baking soda or even worse, curry spices and the unsettling thing is that, most of us try them! Although we are being told 'your pimples will go over night.' they actually get worse and it causes more harm to our skin in the long run than what we initially thought. 

I've tried every thing, I've been out to the shops and purchased all of those pimple sticks, oils and gels that were invented to do what they say on the bottle but they never work. I won't bad name any brands here but I will say - do not use anything on your face that has 'spot prevention' or just the word 'spot' in general on the label. It's taken me a very long time to figure out what will work and what won't and I know everyone has different skin but this is what works for me and it's 100% safe ! 

"Treat A Breakout Like
 A Case Of The Flu"

Before we get onto the method and the products that I use to get rid of spots, I'm going to just give you some tips that usually is just common sense, however most of us fail to do them regularly due to busy lifestyles. (I hold my hands up too!) so here goes; 

1 - NEVER pop, rub or scrub a pimple - You will only make them red, swollen and spread them. Trust me, even if you pop one and then rub toner on straight away - you will still wake up with 1 - the spot still being there with a new head on it and 2 - more of them. 

2 - Try to keep your hands away from your face - It kind of ties in with rule number 1, but I'm talking about normal every day hand to face movements here. Leaning on your hand, rubbing your eyes, feeling your skin ect... keep them away! We carry all kinds of bacteria on our hands, even if we wash them after every toilet break - there's thousands of more ways to get bacteria on your hands that you would never even think of. Do you wash your hands after petting your dog/cat? - These animals carry a lot of bacteria and we don't stop to think about that. So, remember - hands away from your face! 

3 - Clean your phone, computer, desk, camera or any other gadget that you use on a daily basis with sanitizer! - They also carry lots of bacteria (& I do mean lots!!) Think about this - You're clumsy like me, you drop your phone to the floor a couple of times a day and then answer a call rubbing that screen all over your face whilst you talk away - not to forget all of the fingertips that have touched your phone, maybe your friend borrowed it, the kids took off with it - are there hands clean? - Clean everything you use on a daily basis!! 

4 - Change your bedding every week and if you have pets - make sure they stay off the bed and of course - never eat in bed. - If you struggle to do this on a weekly basis then just changing your pillow case every Sunday and spraying it each night with a skin friendly disinfectant is okay. 

5 - Always take your make-up off properly - I know sometimes you're too tired and you CBA but when you're starting to become tired and give all the excuses just think of the dirtiest make-up wipe you can imagine and then think "that could be off my face" - gross, but it works, you'll soon be wacking on the creams! 

6 - Stick to the products that suit your skin - as soon as you find a product that works great for you - never let it go! I know reading blog posts that promote how great a product is can be quite enticing but before you try anything new, think about what you already have. 

7 - Clean your sponges and brushes at least once a week - maybe on a Saturday night or Sunday morning.  It takes 2 minutes. Fill a bowl or glass with warm water, a drop of baby shampoo and a cap of skin friendly disinfectant and then toss your brushes in and leave them for 30 minutes. You will be shocked at the colour of the water on the first time you do it, I assure you. 

8 - Drinking plenty of water and swapping caffeine drinks for green tea can help you get your glowing skin back. Eating plenty of fruit and veggies could also help those pimples stay at bay!

"The Method That's
Skin Friendly!"


I use this Savalon spray, Germolene cream and Boot's Tea Tree and Witch Hazel spray together. 

I advice that you do this 3 times a day if you can but if not then morning and night is fine. Simply wash your face with clean water - do not use those super sweet smelling perfume infused face washes or any 't-zone black head and pimple washes' just plain water and then tap dry with a flannel (do not rub!) 

Firstly, spray witch hazel all over some cotton pads/wool and then spray your face in the area's you have pimples - place the cotton wool over your spots and lye down for 5 minutes until your spots have soaked in the goodness. 

The good thing about using this spray is that it does not irritate the skin and give off any tingling sensation. 

secondly, take off the cotton wool and then spritz on some Savalon. 

Finally, dot the Germolene on every spot - you don't need loads of cream just a pea sized amount, and very gently using your index finger massage around your spot in a circular motion. 

You can also spritz your pillow with savalon too for extra protection or opt for a silk pillow.

Wake up in the morning - your spots may not have vanished over night but you'll see signs of them disappearing under the skin. Your face will be less bumpy and all redness & swelling gone !

please note: You will need to do this every day until your spots have gone, like I said "Treat every breakout like a case of the flu.' Healing takes time.

I hope this helps!
If you have any pimple tips, pop them down below.


A x

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