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I have used BB cream for a couple of years now and I must admit, I prefer it 1000% better than any foundation I've ever used. I started off using simple's BB cream with Vitamin E in replacement of my NO7 Beautifully Matte Foundation. It cost £8.99 at the time, however I was able to get it from Superdrug for £4.88 in the sale and I'd buy it in bulk. I loved using it, it was affordable, lasted longer than foundation and the best thing about it was that, I didn't feel all caked up and spots stopped appearing. 

Earlier this year I went back to my No7 Foundation and what happened? Spot galore! So yeah, You guessed right, I'm back to the BB cream. I did however purchase a couple of different BB creams to basically see if I was using the best one or not. Coverage, colour match and staying power are a must for me. If you're wondering what the heck BB cream is or if you have thought about trying it. This bunch of brand reviews may just help you chose the right one. For the full list of my honest opinions, continue reading. 

Simple BB Cream With Vitamin E

BB Cream

Simples BB cream is a dream. It's full of vitamins and kind to skin ingredients and makes you feel like a goddess when you're wearing it. I often got told "Your skin looks so good!" or "Your make-up looks flawless today!" which I would reply "I'm not wearing any!" It's a super light weight formula that blends easily and can also be mixed with Simples Illuminating Cream. Here's what I thought Statistically - 

Coverage - 7/10 
Staying Power - 6/10 
Colour Match - 6/10 
Price - Medium (£8.99)

Here's the Bad Vs Good Points - 

1 - If you have medium to dark toned skin then this BB cream would be perfect for you. If you're paler (like me) you will either need to blend it with the illuminating cream or just use it in the summer when you have a tan. 

Illuminating Cream

2 - Depending on how well you blend the product, sometimes it can look shiny so using powder afterwards is a must! 

3 - It contains a shimmery glitter which looks oh so pleasant in the summer but not so much in the winter. I think if you're darker skinned you could pull this off, but if pale just use it in the summer. 

     Rimmel Radiance BB Cream 

The good thing about this BB Cream is you can get it in a variety of colours and preferences, I went for radiance although you can opt for Matte and other varieties. Since using this BB cream I've been very satisfied. It's light weight with great coverage and the colour matches perfectly because for once, there is a 'very light' option in BB Creams. YaY!  So how much does it cost and what do I think Statistically, well... 

Coverage - 9/10 
Staying Power - 9/10 
Colour Match -10/10 
Price - Good (£7.99) 

For a pound less than the simple this BB cream gives me everything I want from a Cream. It's more like a foundation with the same great coverage but without the cakey effect. I highly recommend this as you can chose your colour and pick the best formula for your skin type. Top Marks!! 

Tesco BB Cream 

This cost me £2.50 from Tesco's and I was thrilled at both the price and the ingredients. Green Tea and Vitamin E are great for your skin and I could not wait to try it. However, when I got home I realised that I had picked up the wrong colour. The product was super orange and to put it on felt like rubbing dry glue over my face. Clogging sensation and very stiff to blend.  I couldn't tell you about the coverage or staying power because i had to wash it off immediately as It was irritating me. 

Take my word for it or try it for yourself, if all else fails. New base? 

Superdrug's BB Cream

I paid £6.99 for this BB cream and I'll say right now - RIP OFF! 
I do not recommend this product what so ever. The smell of this product made me feel sick to my stomach. It's like an unbranded cheap foundation smell. In fact I think you would be better off with pound land's BB Cream than using this. The coverage is appalling and just overall unsatisfying. 

Coverage 1/10
Staying Power 1/10 
Colour Match 5/10 ( The colour did match at least) 
Price - Extortion! (£6.99)

What BB Cream Do You Use? 

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