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A lot of bloggers are posting there new years resolutions and blog goals so being a blogger I thought i'd jump on the bandwagon. This year for me is all about growing my business and putting myself out there more. I've never attended a blogging event or met any other bloggers yet and I'm hoping to step out of the office and into the limelight. 

For a long time I've always stayed in the safety zone but this year I want to step out of the box and be more "yooohooo I'm over here." I hope to relaunch my brand and basically give my blog a complete overhaul and make it more of a happy place for my readers to sit down with a cup of tea and see some entertainment rather than just boring reviews and the usual blog posts we see scattered all across the web. So, basically, it's about my style - I'm going to try and put more of 'me' into my blog, you'll see more of me, see video's but hopefully you'll get the gist of who I am and and what I'm about from my writing alone. 

The Youtube Leap 

I've wanted to start a youtube channel for years now but have never been brave enough to take the leap. I've seen many of you-tubers vlogging about their day to day life, showing me around their homes or giving me a weekly look book but then I scroll down and see lots of hate comments, amongst positive ones of course. However, the hate mail scares me off. I'm sure a lot of people have the same problem or have had to overcome it. It's very off putting and of course, once you post on the internet - it's there forever! People share posts, re-pin and RT a lot of what you say and do and that's quite a scary thought for me. 

But then again, the motto this year is "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!" and I hope I can finally make that big jump and grow more as a person and as a brand. This year is going to be my year if it kills me! 

So here's the list of goals I have in mind for my blog: 

- Put more personality and time into my posts
- Add more pictures and video's of myself
- Take more time with photo's and make wonderful photographs 
- Learn how to handle a DSLR
- Start a youtube channel (or post video's to blogger) 
- Put more time into my shop 


If i'm totally honest I am quite happy where my life is concerned and I am happy in myself. I did however today change my hair. I've always stuck to being blonde but have wanted to go back dark for a very long time, especially now it is winter. The only thing was, I haven't been brave enough to do so, until today. I feel so proud that I've been able to trust a hairdresser to touch my hair after having lots of bad experiences and I must admit, I am over the moon with it and it's the best decision I have made for a very long time. 

is that weird to say? I feel like how i'm supposed to look! 

My life goals this year are to; 

- Have fun, don't take life too seriously and be more adventurous 
- Get my A-levels in photography or further my skills in graphic design
- save lots and lots of money for my future 
- spend more time with family & my boyfriend doing fun things, days out/holidays ect..
- Go back to the gym

Wish me luck! 
What are your goals this year? 

A x

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