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How To Get Blog Organised & Boost Traffic //

Running a blog and a social life can be quite tricky. Families, other work and social events may have you all tied up and your blog suffering in the process or visa versa. If your blog is just a hobby, it's okay not to be so precise with details and deadlines however, if you want to make some form of success from your blog and you struggle to make time or you're just struggling for post idea's then these tips are sure to have you blog organised in no time!  

If you want to beat the hustle and bustle of a busy life style and have never ending ideas for posts then keep on reading, I'm sure you'll find these tips super helpful, they work for me after all. 

When Will You Blog? 

1)  You need to decide weather you want to be posting daily or on certain days but, remember, quality is better than quantity. I post three times a week, usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I find it a lot easier and rewarding posting only three days a week than to post five or seven days a week. 

Grab your calendar and work out what days are best for you to be able to spend a few hours on your blog and stick to this plan! Tip - If you post continuously on the same days, your readers will be sure to pop back on those days and keep your traffic looking busy. 

Plans & Ideas 

2) Make A note of things - Keep A big book of blog ideas close by at all times. Notebooks will be your best friend once you are blogging. Every Idea you have, write it down and plan out your posts. If you ever have a day where you just don't know what to write about, refer to your blog book and let the inspiration flow. 

I have kept blog books for years and I write down any ideas I have as soon as they come to mind. That way, I'll never forget it and it will keep my post idea's flowing for the future. If you struggle with writers block read my tips on how to to turn it all around here. 

There's Always Time For Improvement! 

3) When you're not blogging and you're not jotting down idea's, It's the perfect time to scrub up on your grammar or photography. Online courses and reading helpful blog posts via Pinterest are great ways to learn whilst you work. Read up on how to write engaging headers, all about social networking or how to take better photographs. There's always time for improvement! 

Pssstt.. I will be providing an online course very soon! Stay tuned. 

Schedule Like You've Never Schedule'd Before

4) The Schedule option on blogger is like an angel sent from heaven. As a writer, life can be tough. Some days you'll be bashing at the keyboard faster than Usain bolt can run and then other days, your heads just not in the game. When you're having one of those good days where the words are just flowing from your fingertips, it's probably best to write as many posts as you can and schedule them for the week. 

I find Sunday's to be the best day to plan out your posts for the week and basically write them all. Sunday's are boring and there's never really a lot to do so be productive and instead of napping after your Sunday roast - Get typing instead! 

I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing... (NO! BLOGGIN'!)

5) Mood Boards! I have one of these above my computer that I will be showing you how to make another day (Yassss D.I.Y!) They're great for inspiration if you fill them right. Pinning pictures of quotes, your loved ones or of places you love, your bound to be in the flow of writing most of the time and being at your desk will be the happiest place in the house hold ! - If you want to know more about how to turn your home into a happier place, you can read all about how to turn your memories into decor here.

I hope you found some or all of these helpful! 
Happy Blogging!

-A x

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