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How To Look Good On A Date When You Have A Hangover // Contribution

Many people think that we should fall in love with a person for who he or she is without considering impressions. However, most of us will mind how impressive we look when we go on dates. The majority of women or ladies have issues getting ready for dates as they are too worried about what their date will think of them. This is especially the case if it is the first time you are having a date with the person. Fortunately, ladies can relax as there are tips that can be effective in helping them get ready for that date especially when one has a hangover.  Here are some tips you need to consider and remember every time.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

 It is vital to wear clothes that you are comfortable with to help you hide a hangover. Do not worry too much about the labels that are on the clothing. If it makes you comfortable and you feel good in it, wear it. Not many people will be keen to check or read the labels on the clothing. Even more, a combination of factors including how good you look for the occasion will destruct your date from the labels or writings.  It is thus essential to choose clothes that you are most comfortable in when going for a date.

Wear Colourfully

Choosing the bestskincare routine and wearing clothes that are colourful will work for your date, and will help to hide the hangover. Most men need to see the feminine part or side of you.  It will also make you look lively. A belief among many men is that colourful clothes look better for women. In other words, you need to dress for the date. Dressing in office wear colours may not work for your date. Brighter colours make you more feminine and attractive. It is essential to use cloth colours that complement the hair colour and your skin colour. 

Wear a Skirt or a dress

Avoiding trousers on your date is a brilliant idea. Wearing skirts or dresses is essential as it emphasises your femininity. It also reveals how beautiful you are. For example, you can reveal your legs a bit. However, avoid wearing uncomfortable dresses and skirts. Choose comfortable clothing for the occasion.  The man wants you to look attractive for the date too. Also, this will be a way of capturing his attention, and he might not notice the hangover. He is likely to be impressed.

Wear Heels

 Many ladies will think that wearing heels on a date is a thing of the past. However, evidence reveals that men are more impressed by women in heels than women in flat shoes.  A good and stunning pair of heels is essential in making you smart. Also, it will make you feel confident, feminine and beautiful. The heels are also essential for the purpose of accentuating the legs.  Do not try a new pair on the date day. Use a pair you feel comfortable in and that you have used or worn on another occasion. A new pair can make the day or the night agonizing especially when having a hangover.

Dress for the Occasion

Taking care of your skin makes your skin attractive all the time. Choice of dress code is vital. Wearing heels and skirts or dresses is a good idea. However, it is not appropriate if you are going hiking for a picnic or to the beach. Dress for the place the date is to take place.

Natural Looking make up is the best

Wrinkle creams are essential and need to be included in your skin and beauty routine. They will ensure that the skin remains beautiful and attractive even with a hangover. It will also be essential in hiding a hangover.  The man needs to have memories of you and not the make-up you used. Overusing make-up may destroy your date. The man may view it as if you are trying too hard to make impressions.  Be slow and easy on make-up.

Take Aspirin in the morning

It is effective and vital for reducing and eliminating the throb in the head.

Groom your Blows

Frame the eyes so that they look beautiful and attractive.  It is an effective trick in hiding a hangover. Groom them neatly to ensure that they do not destruct the man.  You can have them professionally groomed before the date. Also, ensure you include care for the brows daily as it one of the best skincare practices.

Spend more time on the Lips

In addition to using wrinkle creams to maintain a youthful look, give your lips attention also. Let your lips look and appear attractive and kissable. Exfoliating is essential to ensure removal of any dead skin. Also, ensure that while on the date, you maintain a smile. It is very impressive.  Be in a happy mood during the date.


Moisturising will help your skin become more plumper, more soft, supple and more beautiful. Using wrinkle cream and moisturiser together will work well at eliminating redness, age, spots and any other pigmentation/skin issues you may have. They also help in maintaining youthful skin. Most men are impressed by a youthful look.  It is thus essential to show love to your body and skin all the time. If you do this, dates will be easy to prepare for as you already look good.

Getting ready for a date to impress the man is sometimes cumbersome and difficult for most people. If this is the case or issue for you, relax. The tips will be effective in helping you feel confident, more attractive and more feminine. They are simple and also inexpensive. Use them to impress your date and also to  hide the hangover you may be experiencing at the time. 
Thanks for reading! 

Willo Conner (1977-) A freelancer, online article editor, eBook author for health and fitness. He has designed and taught health programs on the topics of health disorders, body image and self-acceptance, beauty tips for women, exercise for seniors. He writes for many online publications. Follow him here - Facebook, Twitter, Google+


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