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4 Ways To Style A Fedora Hat //

Today I'm going to show you four quick and easy ways to style your hair to suit a fedora hat, or any other hat for that matter. I love hats, I believe they make an outfit and you don't have to have pristine hair to pull them off, I used my natural hair for these pictures, no straighteners or product needed, just a hair band and a hat. So here goes - 

The Low Messy Bun

A low bun can look both classic and boho chic with a fedora hat depending on your choice of outfit. Simply dress it up or dress it down for the occasion and rock it. Here I did a more boho chic look by keeping it messy and pulling bits of hair out at the sides, However, a slick back bun would look darling with a red lip. 

The Side Parting 

You don't need to have a side parting or train your hair to do so for weeks on end before you can rock this look. Simply brush/pull your hair over to the one side and stick your hat on the top. This look is quick and simple and make's a great look for an every day occasion. 

The Middle Parting

I already have a middle parting so this style is a favourite of mine. It looks so classic and can be dressed up or down to suit an occasion. If you don't have a middle parting, just simply separate your hair in the centre using a tail end comb, wack on your hat and you're good to go! 

Sweep Back

Now, you can wear this look on both sides or just the one. Simply tuck your hair behind your ears, pop on your hat and you're hot to trot. I find this style to be more of a classic style and it looks so darling!

What's Your Favourite Look? 

- A x

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