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How I Ditched The Diet & Gained Self Love //

In this generation  the way we appear to others has become a big deal. What we weigh on the scales being one of the main priorities in life. However, I say fuck society and fuck the diets!
I don't want to see glossy covers telling me how I should look and advising me to drink carrot juice for 9 months in order to lose 5 stone and drop 6 dress sizes. We are all beautiful in our way and if the whole world was full of airbrushed figures without an inch of love lumps, it would be boring! Do we all really want to look like clones of each other, I certainly don't want to look exactly like Khloe Kardashian however much I love the woman, I don't need to dress, act, and do my hair and make-up like her. Trending fashion and make-up looks are great, Don't get me wrong. But when everyone jumps on the band wagon, going shopping is like bumping into your twin every five seconds.

When Rihanna went red in 2010, it seemed as though everyone in the world had red hair. Every where I went I was graced by red heads and I will admit, I had red hair myself back then but I will add, It was way before Rihanna wacked the peroxide on her locks!

I'm straying from the subject, but do you know what I mean? It's as if our minds are being controlled by media, colouring your eyebrows becomes a 'thing' and now everyone has to have 'fleek' eyebrows in order to be classed as a woman. Okay maybe not that far but, in order to fit in with society. You get where I am going with this? Yeah, Great.

So let's move on to those Fad Diets, Never ending feeds of Blended smoothies and oat mixtures!

For most of my life I have been unhappy in my own skin until I was able to shed a lot of weight and become the size 12 I'd always dreamed of being. However, falling into a relationship full of happiness tends to bring on a couple of pounds, with all the dates and takeaways, and let's face it, just the happiness all together. I am now swaying between a size 12 and 14 and for some time I was beginning to have a lot of 'fat' days, I'm a curvy figure that carries weight on my stomach and thighs, and I have to say this now "Never Ever Say That You Are Fat!" looking in the mirror and bullying yourself is one of the worst things that you can do and it's number one on my list, speaking of list, Let's get onto it!

1 - Never Ever Say That You Are Fat - Bullying ourselves in the mirror should never happen. We all have insecurities and things we don't like about ourselves but guess what, that's the way we were born and we have to learn to love what we have. Every time I catch myself saying something negative about myself, I think of those less fortunate than myself. If I say 'My legs are like tree trunks!' I think 'There are some people out there that have lost their legs in the war, or through some horrible illness, and you're here with a working set of legs and you're moaning. Get a grip and have some respect!"

- Honestly, there are worst things to be upset about than a little extra weight on your hips, You can always change certain things, as I have learnt.

2 - Never Weigh Yourself - You may look perfectly fine and feel happy in your body, but when you get on the scales and check it against your height and the NHS graph tells you you're overweight or obese, rip that shit up and throw the scales in the bin. Scales tell you a number, A mirror tells you the truth.

3 - Diets aren't long term - It's great when you start a new diet and you lose a bulk of weight, but what happens when that stops, you gain a little and then loose it but can never seem to shift any more? Well, it's called a YOYO diet and your body has possibly become used to the foods you eat and has stopped working so hard to burn fat. Having a balanced diet is what matters, but if you want a biscuit, god damn it have a biscuit, you only live once and no one want's to snack on dried prunes!

4 - Positivity goes a long way! - Positive affirmations are what work, stick them everywhere, on your mirror, your phone background, in the car, on the fridge. Wherever possible! Thinking positive, creates a positive life. If you think negatively, your life is most probably stuck in a negative cycle. Be nice to yourself, be nice to others and be positive.

5 - Fruit, Tea, Sleep, Repeat - You haven't got to live on juice for the rest of your life in order to be 'healthy.' Eating your five a day, drinking tea, getting plenty of sleep and taking vitamin's are what you need in order to feel healthy, Simply drinking water can make a bigger difference in your life. If you feel good in yourself, you'll appreciate yourself. It's all about feeling good on the inside, once you feel good on the inside, you'll feel good on the outside, whatever your shape.

6 - Exercise can be fun - You haven't got to work out 8 hours a day like Beyoncé and have a figure like her either. Exercise is great for relieving stress and can be a way of having fun, whilst shedding a couple of pounds. Work out for fun, Don't think 'I've got to lose weight' Make your goal to have fun, not lose weight. I do hip hop cardio 2-3 times a week with The Fitness Marshall on YouTube. He's brilliant and I never feel as though I have worked out, I dance and I have fun. Change your workout to something that's fun. If you don't want to bend yourself up like a pretzel in order to "be healthy" then ditch that yoga class and do something YOU want to do.

7- Self help books - I own a rack of books full of useful information for changing my mind set, gaining me confidence and a bunch of other great tips and tricks and they have worked for me. These are what I love best -

Be the best you that you can be.
Be proud of who you are and love what you have!
Weather you are a size 8 or a size 20, love yourself.

I'm not perfect, But I'm real.
& I am happy!

- A x

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