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We Were Born To Stand Out // Blog Help

 Last nights #fblchat is the reason behind todays blog post. I was ever so inspired last night by the conversation and links I received and for once in a very long time, I enjoyed the conversation that much that I didn't sign off early! Today I wanted to talk about blogs and why it's important to stand out rather than fit in and mention a couple of things that we all experience as bloggers, so here goes; 

1 - I made a point last night about blogs being titled as the bloggers name. I find this to be boring and none creative and often appreciate blogs more whom have took the time to sit and think about a name. It is hard to think of something that will stick and stay on peoples lips, but those who sit and fit something that describes them through creativity and sometimes humour are my favourite types of blogs. You have to put yourself into your blog in order to connect with readers, but that doesn't mean having your name splashed across the top of your website, it's not a curriculum vitae. 

2 - Your blog should be about you, weather you write about beauty or fashion or whatever else you may portray on your little space on the internet, it should have you in there somewhere. Your personality should shine through your writing, you should have a 'style' that's adapted to what you're about. It could also mean, having theme colours that are your favourite shades. I find it quite annoying when I find blogs that look the same as everyone else's, originality is key! Constructing your blog to catch the eyes of PR is totally sad, in my opinion. You'll get more attention for standing out rather than blending in. 

3 - Although I believe that having a schedule and being organised is a great thing, I do however, not believe that posting five times a week is better than posting 1 or 2 times a week. Some bloggers who wack out a post on a daily basis are believed to be looked up to more and have more 'views' but if you think about it, they're not giving each post enough time to get around the internet and be appreciated. If you spend five days a week promoting one post, instead of five days a week promoting five, you're bound to get more comments, stat figures and love for a post you took the time to sit and publish.  Read my 'How to get blog organised & boost traffic' post for more tips. 

Good content is crucial! 

4 - You don't have to own a DSLR, photoshop and have the creative skills of Pablo Picasso to produce fine images. As long as the image isn't blurry or distorted, then you're winning! Forget the crisp white backgrounds, eliminated shadows and everything else. Photography will get better, it's not a must have. However, if you want more help with photo's then you can read my 'Bloggers Equipment Guide' here - it's a super realistic and affordable list of ingredients to make your photos that touch better.  You could also have a go at making your own photo box. Click here to make a photobox for just £10.  Just remember, it's the content that sells, not the photo's. 

If you read a good book, it's the story you'll remember not the illustrations. 

5 - If another blogger takes the time to visit your social media profile and hits the follow button, Follow them back, it's not going to kill you! If they have 4 followers and you have 1k that shouldn't matter! They just boosted your status, so help them a long and give them some support. You were sitting at a one digit following once. 

6 - Engagement is important and I'm not talking about relationships and a diamond ring here. Talk to bloggers, ask them questions or simply compliment them. If someone sends you their link, give them your feedback or leave them a comment, and if someone comments to you - ALWAYS RESPOND! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post! 

-A x

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