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What's Really In My Make-up Bag //

I watch a lot of "What's In My Bag" Videos and today I thought I would share my every day essentials with you. I find my make-up to be affordable, I don't believe we need to use a £90 foundation for an every day occasion. So without further ado - Here's my every day casual make-up set; 


 Rimmel BB Cream Radiance - This is the perfect coverage, colour and protection I need for my skin. it has added SPF 20 for combatting environmental stresses and gives off a dewy glow. Costs £6.99.

Rimmel BB Cream Skin Perfecting Super Make-up - This beauty balm gives off a wonderful matte finish, protects skin and helps conceal and cover large pores, spots and high pigmentation. It has SPF 25 and it's staying power for a BB Cream is phenomenal. Costs £6.99. 

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - This concealer is amazing, It's a crayon but glides like a cream. It covers spots and hides dark circles wonderfully for me. However, I do like to have a few concealers for highlighting also, which this also provides. Costs £8 @ Boots.

L'oreal Perfect Match Le-Corrector -  This concealer is in a liquid form which make's blending a real treat. However, although it's a liquid formula, it dries with a matte finish and covers spots, and dark circles really well. It's one of my favourites. Costs £6.99


Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping - The archery pen is brilliant for creating a natural brow, shape brows and colour them in without a bold in your face look. Costs £8 @ Boots.

Soap & Glory SuperCat Eye Liner - Eyeliner can be tricky but this shaped felt helps to create some seriously sexy cat eyes without all the hassle. It's one of my favourite eyeliners around. Costs £5 @ Boots.

Max Factor Smoke Eye Duo Crayon - Although I think they have stopped making this now (Correct me if I'm wrong) but this duo crayon is one of my favourite go-to's. It's perfect for an every day casual look and is easy to top up on the go. 

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - This has to be my favourite mascara, like, ever! It coats lashes gloriously and pulls each lash to it's fullest potential, creating thick and extended lashes without the need for false applications. Costs £8.50 @ Boots.


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Shade -  Rose & Shine - I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss but this one from Soap & Glory I can handle. It doesn't seem super sticky or have a weird scent. It plumps up lips and leaves a nice rose tint that lasts quite a long time. Costs £7 @ Boots.

Bare Minerals Lipstick - Shade marvellous Moxie - I used to opt for a Nude lip but I have been using this Moxie shade for quite a while now and have found myself reaching for this more often than any nude lipstick I own. It's in-between nude and deep brown which gives lips enough warmth and depth without looking too scary. (I have pale skin, dark colours can be tricky to match.) 


Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit - I have used this contour kit for around a year now and I will definitely stock up on this in the future. It comes packed with 3 shades, a highlighter and two bronze tones to create a facial structure to die for. It also has a helpful guide inside which I was amazed by. Costs £6.49.

Mac Mineralize Blush - Most blushes don't suit my skin what so ever, I find them to look bitty on my skin or too harsh however, the MAC mineralize blush is just the right consistency and colour. It adds a light tint and gives a natural glow to the cheeks. Costs £16 (I THINK.) 


Wilko's Powder Brush, Smokey Duo, smokey eye and eyeliner brushes - I got these brushes about a year ago and have been very satisfied by them. I didn't really want to pay £20 per brush for my every day use so I opted for these brushes that look quality for a 1/4 of the price. Each brush cost £3 -£4 each. They don't leave stray hairs behind or fall apart like most cheaper brushes, They really have been a delight to use and I shall add to my collection in time. 

Thanks For Reading!
- A x

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