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Happy House Mission // Tick List

I have been a mission the past couple of years to block all roads of negativity out of my life. I started by deactivating my Facebook account, which has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I really don't need to tell the world whats going on in my mind and let people know where i am 24/7. It's very wrong and there's too much information given out on that website for my liking. I then started to de-clutter my home and redecorate, I opted for a minimalist style with a pop of colour in every room that had meaning to it. (I'll tell you more about that later.) I then ditched the diet and gained self love.  Changed my hair, quit smoking and focused on the finer things in life and appreciated the beauty of the free things in life. 

If there is an area in your life that you're not 100% happy with then join me on this mission. We only live once so we need to make sure we get it right the first time. live happier, feel stronger and face your demons and remember tomorrow is a new day. I will be writing posts similar to this every week to explain my journey and help you along with yours. Make 2016 your year with a new outlook on life. Let's get started; 

"Make Your Home, Your Happy Place"

 It's probably impossible to empty your whole house so let's start this room by room. You decide which room you will tackle first but here's a tick list of things to do in each room.  

De-Clutter - First of all you are going to want to de-clutter every room in the house. Throw away clothes you don't wear, empty the junk drawers and sort through your cutlery. Look around and see where looks cluttered, are their too many pictures on the walls, too many ornaments? Sort through your home and then throw everything away, donate them to charity or have a jumble sale and make some dollar to reward yourself with. Here's some de-cluttering tips. 

Colour Schemes -  What colours do you have in your home? If Red is one of those colours I'd strongly advice you to grab the paint from out of the shed. Red is a very aggressive, dangerous colour and too much of it can cause a lot of stress. Take a look at my colour chart -

Pastel colours - Pastel colours bring a positive energy to any home especially pastel yellow which is a very positive colour meaning good luck and happiness. Baby blues, pinks, lilacs and mint greens are also great choices to paint your walls with as they brighten up rooms and make them feel larger than what they actually are. Having a roomy environment that's clean and clear cut will help you to not feel caged in and trapped, you'll be able to breathe more and have peace. 

Bold Colours - Bold colours shouldn't be put onto walls, black, red, orange, deep blues - If you want to have these colours in your home I suggest you buy decor in those colours as such as bedding, ornaments and rugs ect.. But don't over do it. A pop of colour is all it needs. - Dark colours on walls will definitely cause stress, the feeling of being trapped and depression - especially black and red. 

Neutral Colours - White, grey, beige & creams - all perfectly fine for your home, but adding colour is a definite must. Having white walls and cream carpets all through the house is a no go. You have to put your personality into your home in order to feel comfortable. Add a pop of colour with your decor like this - 

Memories - Spreading the joy of happy moments in your life is a must as it will keep you uplifted and make you smile every time you see them. Here are a lot of ways to turn your memories into decor without just framing your holiday snaps. Click here to find out more. 

Decor - Things you should add to your home to create happiness and de-stress you are these kinds of things; 

Indoor plants or bouquets of flowers

Candles grouped around the house in the scents, lavender, vanilla or rose

Inspirational mood boards In productive rooms of the house

Clean - and of course, you are going to want to keep your home clean and tidy and well organised as mess can also cause negativity in the home. Here's some cleaning and organising tips. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post 
& Have a wonderful time adding positivity into your home.
If you have any questions comment below or tweet me @freshfaced_blog

-A x

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