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Welcome To My Wardrobe // Room Tour

Hi There! I've wanted to do this post for sooo long and today is finally the day! I'm really happy at the moment with the organisation of my room so without further ado - Welcome to my boudoir! 

The Dressing Station 

If there's one thing I love in life, it's organising my wardrobe! Every season change I have a huge clear out and clean my wardrobe inside out and there's nothing better than a fresh wardrobe. I like to keep my summer clothes in storage when it's winter and via vera, so at the moment my wardrobe offers winter/spring clothing which are my favourite seasons (I do like summer though, of course.) I organise my wardrobe by colour and category, on the left side we have dresses & trainers, to the right we have outerwear, boots and sandals and in the middle my ladder of tops, rompers and jumpers, White's at the top, grey, darks, patterns and colours (it makes washing & ironing piles a breeze!) 

Then on the back of the door we have some small bags, clutches and scarfs. + coats, but they're not in the picture :(. 

Because no space is left empty, the third part to my wardrobe is used for nightwear, handbags, gym wear and bottoms.

 The Beauty Station 

My main beauty station is in the bathroom but I like to have some products and hair tools in my room. The only thing that's annoying me right now is that it looks cluttered in the picture. In the flesh it's breathable. I use mirrors to make the room seem bigger & having some furniture on a swivel can create an illusion of space. 

These are my mostly used fragrances and hair products. I like everything to be at hand and easy to find so I display them on these shelves. 

This is actually a garden planter but I thought I'd use it as a hair tool holder. Like i said, I love everything to be at hand. It makes life so much easier. 

Sleeping Beauty 

 I love my bed, it's the most comfortable place ever. The colours of my bedding make my room feel really relaxed and put my mind at ease. You can read more about colour schemes and their moods here.  P.S - Teddy Bear pillows are way better than memory foam! 

 & Then of course, My dressing gown and slippers at hand to save me freezing to death when I get up! I hope you liked today's post. (Soon, I'll be showing you some of my favourite ensembles.) 

What do you use to organise your room? 
Share your tips below :) 

-A x

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