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About Me

Hey lovely to meet you. I'm Amy for those of you who aren't too familiar with the face. I'm pretty much obsessed with shopping, make-up, gaming, movies and food and my biggest dream is to become a successful writer. I'm not really sure what else to tell you as I'm not great at these kinds of things, I can promote a product easily but I'm not too brilliant at promoting myself, don't ask about what it's like for me to write a CV because the answer is - impossible. 

I like to think I am funny, I always refer to myself as 'Comedy Gold' and I'm not sure why, but then again that's just my sense of humour for you. I'm Artsy and craftsy (if those are words, if not.. I created them.. see, I told you I was creative.) I am a huge movie junkie and have probably watched everything on Netflix, maybe not everything but 'I Can't find nothing to watch' seems to be my favourite phrase for the load up. I love watching television - mainly Pretty Little Liars or Eastenders. I love reading - Lindsey Kelk is my favourite author. I love, tea, cake and anything Italian - Pizza mainly (I hope you read that in an Italian voice, it's much more fun.)

Oh, I forgot to say I'm twenty-one-years old, I'm from Staffordshire In England And I am In love with my best friend of 7 years (God it feels good to say that.) Scott and I knew each other several years before we finally decided to make ago of things on a different level and for almost two years now, we're still going strong. I am so happy where my love life is concerned and I will probably be mentioning my relationship quite a lot in this blog as they say 'blog about what makes you happy' and all that jazz. haha. 

so more about the blog now and less about me!

I've been blogging now for seven years, you may remember my old blog 'lusciousx' (maybe not.)

 If you're confused by the name of this blog, yes.. it did used to exist, I deleted it and took a step back from blogging as life was becoming too busy to keep it flowing, but I'm back and I'm back for good and I promise to keep this as up to date as I can. 

What Will I be Blogging about? pretty much about life in general, D.I.Y how-to's, all about beauty, relationships and of course.. what I've been up to ect.. (basically the same as before, just better!)

If you've made it this far, *high five* thank you for taking the time to read this page. It didn't take long to write or much effort but I appreciate your eyeballs reading every word that has been typed. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thanks again, Amy Louise x

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